Pop Goes the Pooch

Shhh…mum’s the word. If it gets back to Logan that I’ve written this post, I may have to enter the witness protection program and you’ll never hear from me again.

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Shhh …  (photo compliments of funnyanimalsite.com)

Well, here goes …

The first time it happened was in the car last summer. We were headed to friends for dinner and suddenly, there it was, a turd on the seat, flattened because Logan had been sitting on it. He acted like he had no idea where it had come from but there were only two of us in the back seat and I knew it wasn’t mine. Some wet wipes and a hosing of the Soggy Dog seat cover later, all was well. I wrote it off to “shit happens”.


The Soggy Dog Seat Cover has been a life saver.

But, then it happened in the truck on another outing and it was messier, not the dry-ish turd pancake of the previous time. Even before the smell drifted to the front seats (and smell travels quickly) I had alerted T and Nollind by whining and trying to climb up front with them. “Help! Help! He’s done it again!”

Since those two incidents, there have been many an emergency roadside stop and clean up. Remarkably, we made it all the way to Arizona last winter without a problem but weren’t so lucky during Logan’s every-second-week visits to the vet in Blythe. Afternoons seem to be the most dangerous time to travel. It’s like his digestive system is almost ready to push something through but not quite, at least not until his travel nerves kick into gear.


Happy travellers … but always on alert.

It’s a bit like traveling with a jack-in-the-box. The little handle goes round and round, round and round, the creepy music plays, and you wait, and you cringe, and you wait some more, knowing what’s coming but not quite sure when. And then, all of a sudden, POP!, the vehicle fills with stink and T & Nollind go into emergency mode: finding the next spot to pull over, evacuating the vehicle, grabbing the clean-up kit. At these times, I just tuck myself into a corner as far from the offending deposit as I can until things are under control.

It’s happening all the time now, even in the house some nights. Crazy thing is, I don’t think he can do anything about it. Not sure if he’s lost sensation, control, or both but, as much as T and/or Nollind try to take him outside and give him as many opportunities as he needs before a trip or before bed at night, when he’s gotta go he just does. No bark, no whimper, no asking to go outside.

It’s put a bit of a damper on our excursions. In fact, he hasn’t been in the car since we came back from Arizona other than to go to the vet for his Legend injection every two weeks. There have been four such trips and, surprisingly, only one with incident. Despite my love of going along, I wasn’t sure I wanted to partake in his trips to the vet, but T has been kind enough to let me sit up front and stay out of the danger zone.


Me in emergency-lock-down mode.

Lately, T has been taking me on some short outings, getting Logan used to the idea of being left home alone. She doesn’t want me to miss out because Logan is becoming more difficult to take places and not able to walk more than 20-30 minutes. I’m glad of that. I like my old buddy but I do enjoy a trip to town or to the dog park now and then. There’s even talk she and I might get out hiking beyond our little prairie neighbourhood now that the snow is gone and the weather warmer. Kananaskis, Drumheller, Cochrane, and Wyndham-Carseland are just a few of the destinations she’s mentioned.

It’ll be sad to go adventuring without Logan, because I know he hates to miss anything, but I guess that’s just the way it has to be. At least we’ll still have our morning explorations of the farm’s back twenty and evening wanders to the wetland.


Morning walk around the farm.

Maybe by the time it’s my turn to write again I’ll have a tale to tell from one of our spring excursions. Until then …



Time to Go!

We dogs thought our departure for the south was scheduled for December 15 so I’ve been pretty relaxed about getting ready. Plenty of time. But the past couple of days there have been signs around the house and the farm that our departure is imminent. Horse sitters and house sitters coming by for their instructions, final visits with friends, boxes and bins appearing in every room.


Farewell dinner with G and S.

With this terrific weather we’ve been having, the snow has all melted, we’ve been out walking in the fields to the west, and I thought the peeps might want to stick around for awhile.  But, not so much. I think they’re seeing it as a good weather window to get south, before the snow and cold returns. I heard T say that the roads are clear all the way to Arizona!


Winter is taking a break.

Yesterday afternoon was the biggest sign yet, Sid got hitched to the truck and pulled closer to the house. Yikes!

So, last night, I quickly packed everything crucial.


Priorities packed.

It’s Friday now and we don’t seem to be going anywhere just yet so I think there’s time to pull out my take-along list from last year. I was so much more organized. I guess that’s what happens when the date gets moved up by a week.

Anyway, best get to it. When T and Nollind are on a roll, things happen quickly, especially when the weather is cooperating. Talk to you from the road!


Full moon on the prairie.

Please, Take Me Along!

She’s going  away again. Without us. I just know it. She’s packing that little box with the wheels this morning and almost every time she does that she goes away and leaves us behind. It’s T I’m talking about in case you were wondering. On the plus side, Nollind doesn’t seem to be packing his wheelie box so I think he’s staying here. I wonder if he feels sad like I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I like people and Nollind’s right up there at the top of the list, but he’s just not T. I’m never far from her side when she’s home and I ache to go along whenever she’s leaving the house. As soon as I sense she’s headed out the door, I’m there in the porch asking to go. I try to make my face imitate Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies. And sometimes it works! And sometimes I just lie in the porch by the door until she comes back.


Puss in Boots from Shrek


One of the days when my “Puss in Boots face” worked.

One time, after T had been gone for awhile, Logan and I went along with Nollind to pick her up in Calgary at the airport. I wonder if that’s where she’s headed this time? I wish I could make the words to ask. And I wish even more that I could go with her. I’m completely fine in a vehicle so I think I’d do great on a plane. I hear flying is actually safer than driving. And I don’t take up much space once I curl up in a ball, I’m happy sitting on a lap if need be (although I don’t get invited to do that very often), and I’m quite content on the floor. Just take me along!


Riding shotgun … my favourite.

I’ve been with T and Nollind for almost six years now and they’ve taken me a lot of places, so I really can’t complain. Lately, now that the weather’s cooler, they’ve been including me in errand runs to town and, although you might think that sounds boring, I love it. There’s something about riding along with my people that feeds my soul. I prefer to be up in the front seat but I’m okay in the back (which is good since that’s where I normally travel). Sometimes I have the opportunity to get out and do a little exploring but, even when I don’t, I enjoy the ride.


Stretching out in the back is good too.

There she goes, zipping up the wheelie box and dragging it behind her to the door. I didn’t see any of my things go in there. Sigh … looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in the porch this next while.