About the Dog Blog

chico and logan in rearviewWelcome to the dog blog! This blog began in the fall of 2011 when we left our home in southern Alberta, Canada, and embarked on a grand adventure travelling through the western United States with our truck and fifth wheel trailer. That five-month journey turned into four more and we’re now officially snowbirds. We’ve visited some of the same places but the adventures are always different with something new to see and explore. A few years ago, when we returned home in April we decided to continue writing about our adventures here at home because home, after all, is one of the greatest places on earth.

And just where is home? Well, we live on 21 acres about half an hour east of the city of Calgary, out on the Alberta prairie. Our people, Teresa and Nollind, have three horses and board one more, grow hay in the summertime and like heading out for trail rides in the Rocky Mountains just an hour and a half to the west.

We hope you enjoy our blog. We have a lot of fun writing it.

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