More Camping! … Or Something Else?

When I last wrote we’d just returned from a fab week in the Rockies. Sigh. Such a good time. The thing that made it easier to come home from that trip was the plan to set out again in just two weeks, and this time in partnership with our camping buddies G & S and their canine companion Ria. Yay! We were all so excited.

Our bestest camping buddies on one of last year’s trips.

The plan, although I’m reluctant to use that word in 2020, was to go to Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park at the bottom end of Alberta for a few days, followed by another few days at a lake a couple of hours west of there. Our departure date was set for the 10th. We just needed to get Fred the truck fixed. I wrote about the demise of the Dodge in my last post.

One week beyond that scheduled departure, we’re still home, and Fred is still in the shop. To be more precise, Fred is in shop number three. T and Nollind are not at all thrilled with the Dodge dealerships that charged a bunch of money to not fix the truck. Fred is now being repaired by a transmission shop in Calgary that was able to track down the actual problem.

Loading Fred for the trip to Mister Transmission.

But, as is typical, a setback didn’t mean a bunch of moping about the house. Instead, we were on the road last Fur-iday for a consolation road trip (T is quite fond of these alternative adventures). We trekked west past Cochrane to the Waiparous area, followed by a visit to Ghost Lake. I didn’t see any ghosts, but that mountain-fed lake was very refreshing on a 27-degree, sunny afternoon after being in the car for a couple of hours.

Heading for the water at a brisk trot.

Our wander along the lakeshore spurred a thirst and hunger so was followed up by a trip to the Half Hitch Brewing Company in Cochrane. T enjoyed one of their beers when we were down in the Crowsnest Pass in February and has been wanting to visit the brewery ever since. I was resigned to an hour or two of waiting in the car, but then … say what? They allow dogs on the patio? Even the covered patio? Doggie heaven—shade, people, other dogs, and food! Apparently, the beer was also good but I wasn’t given a sample. I’m eleven now. I’m pretty sure I could handle it.

Patio dog – they only take well-behaved dogs so, guess what I am? :o)

Back in the car, I was just settling in for the trip home when we turned toward the river instead and took a short tour of the Bow RiversEdge Campground. Nice spot. Might just return one day with a trailer. It’s right next to the river and the off-leash pathway. More RV park-ish than we’re accustomed to, but did I mention the neighbouring off-leash area with swimming?

A dip in the Bow River.

We pulled into a parking lot near the campground so that T could feed me my dinner. She’s good that way, always bringing a meal along on our road trips in case we go beyond my six o’clock dinner hour. (And yes, I can tell time. More about that in a future post.) Post dinner, we were off and walking on that same off-leash river pathway I just mentioned. We were actually there four years ago when Logan was still around so our wander brought up some great memories, and yet another swim opportunity. It won’t be long before all of the water in Alberta is frozen solid so I have to get in these soft-water experiences while I’m able.

River walk September 2016.

So it wasn’t a camping trip, but by the time we were driving in the direction of home, after three walks, some patio time, and a road trip with my favourite peeps, I stretched out on the back seat of our old-but-trusted Honda and slept all the way home.

River walk September 2020.

3 thoughts on “More Camping! … Or Something Else?

  1. That was some ‘alternative’ trip. Sounds like a perfect day even though you didn’t get to sample the brewery beer 😉
    Hopefully you will still get that camp in with Ria before the white stuff comes. 🐾💓

    Liked by 1 person

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