We’re on Vacation!

by Chico

I’m on my first solo vacation with T and N and I am rocking the hotel/restaurant/houseguest/road tripper thing. We all miss Logan, of course, but the reports from home are about how well he’s doing and I know him well enough to know he’s much happier there, especially with G and S as company and caretakers.

Well, gotta go. There’s a dog walk planned before the day really gets rolling so I’ll share my travel adventures next week! Until then…


Oh, Canada

By Chico

We have crossed the Canada/US border at Sweetgrass-Coutts and are on our final leg. Home… Hooray!

They stopped in Lethbridge to empty the trailer tanks (and us) and I expect the next time I jump out of the truck it will be on home turf.

It was chilly last night just north of Great Falls, -14 Celsius/7 Fahrenheit, but we were nice and cozy in the zipped up version of Sid (slides in).

The walking was quite something though. I think Logan is a little shell-shocked. Or is that snow-shocked? It was foggy on the highway to Shelby and when we got out at the truck stop his feet went right out from under him, even with the human assist out of the truck. He’ll be okay though. He’ll get his snow legs back.

The GPS says another couple of hours until I can go tearing around my own yard. Best get some more rest.

From the Cockpit

By Logan

Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking. We are flying at an altitude of 6870 feet… wait… I think I’m higher than that. ;o)

Dang, they’ve been giving me some good stuff. And all I have to do is start whining and pacing a little and they slip me some more.

I just sit here in the truck and the Montana mountains fly by on each side like some kind of virtual reality 3D movie experience. So cool. And there’s at least a little snow at each stop to ease the cotton mouth that comes with the travel drugs.

We’re in our third state of the day and I’ve been in this state through all three.

Wow. Feeling sleepy, and right on cue. That last “treat” was about 45 minutes ago. Later, dudes…