Half Lab Dog Turns Full Lap Dog

I’ve always been a cuddler, and often thought it would be great to be a small dog because I could comfortably curl up in a human lap. I tried it, but at fifty pounds, I was a lot of dog for more than a few minutes, and as a young dog I was too busy to want to stay very long in an awkward position. So, with the exception of the odd photo op here or there, I stayed on the floor for naps, or in my own chair around the campfire.

Who knew I’d be the perfect fit?

Those days of having my own chair were pretty sweet, but as I’ve grown older and less agile, I’m not comfortable with being up on furniture I can’t get down from on my own, at least not without crashing. And yes, there have been more than a few of those to learn from.

This is my first trip down south as an “old dog” and I’m finding there’s generally a lot more “handling” of me going on. I get lifted into and out of the truck. I get hoisted into the trailer and helped down the ramp. I get lifted into and out of my chariot. I get put on the bed in the evening if T and Nollind are watching a movie (I hate all the background noise and loud music that goes on in movies). And, I frequently get pulled up onto a lap for a cuddle or to keep warm around the fire.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure about the lap thing at first, but once I gave myself over to the experience and settled in, I discovered the benefits.

  • When I’m lying on the floor, unless a person comes to sit down beside me, there’s no petting. When I’m on a lap, the human’s hands are perfectly situated for constant stroking.
  • Other than the couch, all the RV furniture, indoors and out, holds exactly one person. No room for a dog … unless I’m on top of the person.

  • Even on a dog bed around the fire, it can be chilly in the evening. A human lap comes with a built-in heater.
Staying cozy by the fire on T’s heated lap.

So, at the age of almost thirteen, I have become a lap dog. Sometimes it’s not the most comfortable place to be, like in the lounge chair with the plastic arms that can dig into my backside, but it’s always warm, always comforting, and always comes with soothing hands.

Not the best fit … but warm.

2 thoughts on “Half Lab Dog Turns Full Lap Dog

  1. Wow Chico. You have it made. So many comfy looking spots. Maybe you could get T to fasten some little pillows to the arms of her lounge chair 😉 Looking as cute and cuddly as ever.
    Happy lounging. 💓🐾

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