My Top 10 List

March 24, 2017

Just one more week and we’ll be on our way home. I have mixed emotions. On one paw there’s the freedom of life on the road, on the other the comfort and familiarity of home. Then on the third paw, there are the new places to see and smell every week or two. And, on the fourth, the little farm we all love.

But, no matter what my paws say, we are headed in a northerly direction. Although, earlier this week we did turn around and start heading south again, and backtracking is not normal touring behaviour for T & Nollind. We were in southern Utah until Tuesday when they decided to come back here to Nevada, something about chasing the weather. For Canadians, they can be a bit delicate after a few months in the desert and the forecast of cool temperatures and rain sent them running. It’s okay with me, though, I share their love of warm weather.03-Chico-top10-napping-1

It’s been a good trip for me, once I got past the broken toenail and having to wear a sock on that foot for protection. What were the best parts, you ask? (I didn’t actually hear you say the words but I know you were thinking them.) Well, in the style of David Letterman, here’s my 2016/17 top 10 list:

  1. Campfire time in my chair. We have campfires at home, but not nearly as often as in the desert, and because my chair is usually tucked inside one trailer or another, I have to lie on the grass. Down here, my chair is part of the outdoor furniture, and the Mexican blanket that keeps me from falling through the arms makes a perfect wrap on a cool evening.03-Chico-top10-chair4-1
  2. Snacks. T and Nollind are always pretty fair about sharing their snacks, but in a house the size of Sid I never miss a snack opportunity. In the sticks and bricks house, I might be in another room, on another floor, or even outside when snacking happens. In addition to what’s offered by my peeps, I am an expert at finding food everywhere we go. Fire pits are a particularly great food-finding location, only second to picnic tables.03-Chico-top10-snacks-1
  3. So many walks! Every day since December 1 there have been walks—short, long, hilly, flat, rocky, sandy, paved, morning, midday, evening, you name it. Once a day, twice a day, or sometimes even three times, we’ve been out exploring our desert surroundings.03-Chico-top10-walk2-1
  4. T & Nollind time. When you live in 300 square feet and your yard is a 10×20 mat, you just naturally spend a lot of time together.03-Chico-top10-nap-time-1
  5. Riding shotgun in Fang. I was hoping to be included in more of the actual trail riding, but between a need to keep Logan company and T’s concern for my comfort when out riding, my time in Fang has been limited to campsite scouting and other short trips. Maybe next year?02-chico-busy-in-fang-1
  6. Yoga with T. I don’t do all of the poses (especially not headstand), but I am particularly good at downward dog and corpse pose.03-Chico-top10-yoga2-1
  7. The new watering hole in the truck. Thank you to whoever invented this clever, non-spill bowl. It means that Logan and I can have a drink whenever we want while on the road.03-Chico-top10-watering-hole-1
  8. 03-Chico-top10-stairs2-1Steps onto the bed. This addition was more for Logan’s benefit than mine but I am loving it. Even though I’m only eight and not at the stage where I need senior dog props, I’ve never been much of a jumper.
  9. The new layout in the back seat of the truck. Until this year we had a backseat and floor because Logan liked to hide on the floor in front of the seat. But, since he normally likes to sit up and look out the window or walk around these days, T & Nollind turned the back seat into one big, flat area with a bed on each end. It means I have a spot to curl up leaving the rest of the space for Logan and his pacing.
  10. Meeting old and new friends, human and canine. From camping with old friends to meeting new ones, it was a great year for making connections. And everywhere we stayed, Logan and I made at least one new doggie friend.03-Chico-top10-trixie-1

I could easily turn this into a top 20 list but I’ll wrap it up here. Be talking to you next time from our little house on the prairie!03-Chico-top10-lookout-1





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