My Name is Chico and I Love Snow

This photoblog just might impact my popularity, but I’m going to post it anyway. You see, thing is, I have to confess … I love snow.

Hello? Anybody still reading?03-chico-snow!-lovesnow

It’s March 30, a week into spring according to the calendar, and it’s snowing … again. And I know many of you who live in Alberta or other places where winter is lingering are not very happy about it.

So, on this cold, wintry, snowy Fur-iday, I bring you … da ta da da! … the upside of snow.

It is the best thing to roll in, bar none. If you don’t believe me, try it! Get out there and make a snow angel!

You won’t find a better cardio workout anywhere and, if you get thirsty, you can just eat snow.03-chico-snow!-cardio

It turns brown prairie into a winter wonderland.03-chico-snow!-prairiescene

You can see the tracks left by wildlife that have travelled through, like these moose tracks we came across one ski day.03-chico-snow!-moosetracks

And the tracks are filled with scent!03-chico-snow!-moosetracks2

So, let’s recap. You can bathe in it, eat/drink it, exercise in it and on it, animals can’t travel through it without leaving evidence, it pretties up a barren landscape before the grass and leaves get here, and provides moisture for those very same grass and leaves.

Have I missed anything?03-chico-snow!-close

Oh, of course. It makes a great backdrop for a photo of a red dog. Don’t you think?

So, next time you look out your window and are tempted to frown at the snow, just think of me, on my back, rolling in it like it’s the best substance on earth. ‘Cause, since snow is just soft, white pieces of frozen water, it kinda is.03-chico-snow!-snow