Comfort and Joy

I don’t know if it’s because I’m the only dog to carry the weight of dog duties and activities over the Christmas season, or if it’s my age, but boy oh boy, am I tired. Trips to Strathmore, city excursions, visiting with family, presents to open, dishes to clean, and the list goes on. Being home for the holidays is a lot different than our quiet desert Christmases.

A couple of my Christmas biscuits from friends.

On the plus side, I was included in almost every activity this past week, which isn’t always the case. Some places just aren’t dog-friendly. I get it. Well … sort of.

Luckily for me, her Christmas mug tells the truth!

The week started off with a family visit at Nollind’s dad’s house and, even though he lives on the fifth floor of a downtown condo complex, I was invited, and pretty stoked about it. I had to stay behind when they went across the street to a restaurant for dinner but (insert happy dance) my cousin H didn’t like the meatballs that came on her pasta and was happy to feed them to me when she returned. I showed my gratitude by taking them from her as gently as I could manage. My meatball appetizer was followed by a beef chew that was part of my Christmas gift. Spoiled? Nah, just well treated.

I even got my own monogrammed gift bag from Nollind’s mom!

Two days later we were back in Calgary for some shopping and other errands. I did have to spend some truck time, but there was a late-morning walk in the community of Banff Trail, I got to try sushi for the first time, and we wrapped up the day with a sunset walk in Sandy Beach Park with Cousin H and Uncle C. (I know they’re not really my relations but I figure that, since I was adopted by T and Nollind, their family has become my family.)

Sandy Beach off-leash park.

Christmas Day we were on the road again, this time just to the mailbox to pick up Christmas cards (thanks everyone!) and to Strathmore for a walk around Kinsmen Park. The streets were mostly quiet and empty but the park was a popular spot for dog walking so I had a chance to make a few new friends.

Christmas Day selfie.

Yesterday was the busiest day yet when my cousins H and A came to spend the day with us here on the farm. Was I that energetic when I was a pup? Probably. It seems like a long time ago. There was horse visiting and feeding, cat cuddling, Kubota riding, campfire cooking, and that was just until lunch! Which was awesome by the way … lunch. Kids love to feed dogs and they also have a tendency to drop bits of food. The kitchen floor was like a buffet!

Winter fun and games.

After lunch was some craziness with a big saucer behind the Yamaha Wolverine (aka Fang) that I didn’t partake in. Some things are best left to the bipeds. As the sun started to fall toward the horizon, it was time to head indoors again where there was cheesy pasta and cuddles and more biscuits. It was a good day.

Cuddle time.

I’m tired today, went back to bed right after breakfast. Tomorrow Ria’s coming to visit, bringing her dog parents G and S. I’ve got six years on Ria and I hear she had a restful Christmas so I’d better get plenty of sleep until then!

Couch time.

Storm’ll be taking the reins of the blog next week, something about a big equine birthday celebration?


Soft White Pieces of Frozen Water

Okay, I get it. I hear you. Everyone is tired of that four-letter word that starts with “s”. So, this week, I won’t share any of my thoughts about how great “it” is for the grass and the trees. I’ll keep my glass half full stuff to myself. It’s become a sensitive topic for Albertans who are enduring a seventh month of winter weather. I understand and I’ll say no more. Done. Zipped.

I will, however, share a few photos before all this marvellous whiteness (oops, sorry) disappears.

04-Chico-Snow-cottonwoods04-Chico-Snow-twodogs04-Chico-Snow-wetlands04-Chico-Snow-logan04-Chico-Snow-drifts04-Chico-Snow-cottonwoods204-Chico-Snow-skiday04-Chico-Snow-happydogHopefully, by the time I post in two weeks, it’ll be spring and I can tell you about all the wonderful mud out here on the farm! Or is that a sensitive topic too?



My Name is Chico and I Love Snow

This photoblog just might impact my popularity, but I’m going to post it anyway. You see, thing is, I have to confess … I love snow.

Hello? Anybody still reading?03-chico-snow!-lovesnow

It’s March 30, a week into spring according to the calendar, and it’s snowing … again. And I know many of you who live in Alberta or other places where winter is lingering are not very happy about it.

So, on this cold, wintry, snowy Fur-iday, I bring you … da ta da da! … the upside of snow.

It is the best thing to roll in, bar none. If you don’t believe me, try it! Get out there and make a snow angel!

You won’t find a better cardio workout anywhere and, if you get thirsty, you can just eat snow.03-chico-snow!-cardio

It turns brown prairie into a winter wonderland.03-chico-snow!-prairiescene

You can see the tracks left by wildlife that have travelled through, like these moose tracks we came across one ski day.03-chico-snow!-moosetracks

And the tracks are filled with scent!03-chico-snow!-moosetracks2

So, let’s recap. You can bathe in it, eat/drink it, exercise in it and on it, animals can’t travel through it without leaving evidence, it pretties up a barren landscape before the grass and leaves get here, and provides moisture for those very same grass and leaves.

Have I missed anything?03-chico-snow!-close

Oh, of course. It makes a great backdrop for a photo of a red dog. Don’t you think?

So, next time you look out your window and are tempted to frown at the snow, just think of me, on my back, rolling in it like it’s the best substance on earth. ‘Cause, since snow is just soft, white pieces of frozen water, it kinda is.03-chico-snow!-snow