Foto Fur-iday – Triple H Camping

We had our second horse/human/hound (Triple H) camping trip of the season last Sunday-Monday. We’ll let the pictures tell the story.


Aaaahhhh … feels good to be back in the mountains.


Why lie on a man-made bed when you’ve got mountain turf?


Campfire time on Sunday night.


Logan likes the ground, I prefer to be more civilized.


The horses were almost right in camp with us for the evening. For you horse people out there, don’t worry, they weren’t left unattended with that hay net.


A chilly Monday morning in the trailer.


Forest fire smoke kept the sun from heating things up.


What happens when horses are fed leftover oatmeal from the pot.


This is Storm. Watch for his upcoming guest blog post.


Ice cream on the way home at Bragg Creek.



Me trying to get my share. It’s not easy with Chico around.


Until next week …



Foto Fur-iday – Travel Memories

One of the outcomes of Nollind’s arm-breaking incident in October is a delay in our travel plans. And not just a delay, but very likely a cancellation of a portion of the journey. You see, the fall weather sticks around a little longer in Utah than it does here in Alberta, but with the end of November our new departure date, it’s very likely to be too wintry in much of Utah for camping in the trailer. There might even be snow. We’re disappointed, of course, but none of us feel it more than Nollind, who was eager to try out his new toy, a Yamaha Wolverine, on the trails and rocks of Moab’s backcountry.

We went to Moab five years ago on our first journey into the US, and we know it’s not the same as being there, but, for Nollind, here’s a little slideshow.


Our first hike in red rock country. (Check out that Movember stash!)


We took a ton of photos that first year.


Of some incredible places.


We checked out some spectacular views.


Like this one in Canyonlands.


And even though we dogs weren’t allowed in the national parks, we found a bunch of great places to hike, like here in Dead Horse Point State Park.


Or here on the Negro Bill Canyon Trail.


Even in November, it’s not too hard to find snow in Utah. This was at Bryce Canyon at about 8,000 feet.


And then back down to 3,000 feet and no snow at Zion National Park. Utah is a place of extremes.


A final sunny, warm day in Springdale, Utah, next to Zion National Park.

Hopefully, the weather will give us a chance to spend some time in the warmer, lower parts of Utah before continuing into Arizona. We’ll let you know in December. In the meanwhile, we’re happy to hang out here at home (it was 19 degrees Celsius today!) and give Nollind some healing time.

Foto Fur-iday – Come Walking With Us!

On summer mornings we enjoy long walks beside the canal. From our driveway, the irrigation canal is just a short walk to the north and from where it intersects with the road we can go east or west for miles. Come along with us!

Ready? … And we’re off!Dogs along the canal from behind

There are usually treats along the way in case you get hungry.chico-logan-treats

The water’s fine, come on in.

You might want to step aside ’cause the water’s about to fly!chico-shake

Would you move a few of these big rocks for us? The gophers along the canal are tricky and like to hide underneath.chico-logan-along-canal-rocks

You sure you don’t want to swim? Even I’m all the way in this morning.

Hello? Anybody home? Not sure who lives in this big hole …chico-in-hole

Okay, all posed and ready for your postcard shot.

Look what we found!logan-duck-eggs

This is the usual turn around point.
Chico at east end of canal

Still with us? 
heading home from the east

Okay, last chance for a swim.

Hope you enjoyed your walk as much as we enjoyed ours!