Day Camping Episode 3

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for any amount of time, you’ll know that we’ve spent a bunch of time camping in winter since 2011, most of it in a warmer climate south of the Canada/US border. We’ve camped in Canada in winter too, but this year, the peeps just weren’t into the issues that arise with staying in a trailer in freezing temps—no water in the system and condensation being the main two. But it didn’t stop us from getting out and day camping.

Camping in the Cypress Hills in March of 2019

The first day camp was in December at Dinosaur Provincial Park, the second in Kananaskis, and the third just last week down at Little Bow Provincial Park. Although the walking was more challenging and interesting at Dinosaur and Kananaskis, Little Bow wins hands-down for weather. It was the only one of three outings when I didn’t end up shaking like a leaf in a prairie wind!

Happy (day) campers

Little Bow is pretty much due south of the farm and, as we travelled Highway 24/23, the snow disappeared from the prairie. By the time we reached the park, there were only a few small patches in very shady places. The lake itself was still frozen, to be expected in March, but the picnic area was sunny, dry , and WARM. In fact, when we finished our walk, Ria and I were both warm enough to seek out some shade.

Nap time with her stick.

Some shared chew time, a nap in the sun, it was like the perfect dog afternoon. Well, at least for this dog. Ria enjoyed some fetch time as well, but I passed on that activity. I was only a fetch dog while I had Logan to compete with for the ball. After he was gone, I lost all interest in chasing balls. It seems so pointless. Now, if the ball was edible …

The only thing better than chew time is shared chew time.

Things did start to cool off as the sun went down but I had a jacket and a fire so the dreaded shivering never struck. This dog is definitely more of a fair-weather camper. I’m just glad spring is upon us because camping trips will only get warmer from here. And if the peeps want to go camping anytime between December and February in the future, whether it’s for the day or overnight, I’m hoping it’s in Arizona!

Jacket time but still cozy by the fire.