The Jab

I took my humans in for their shots yesterday morning, something called AstraZeneca. I assumed it was for rabies or distemper, the usual stuff, but apparently it’s for the coronavirus—the one that’s been causing chaos this past year—which is good news. They seem pretty pleased about the situation, talking about it being the first step back to a normal life.

Sometimes I don’t feel so hot after I get my every-three-years jab, and I know the horses had a rough go last summer following the West Nile vaccine. I even had a small seizure episode when I was younger and, the next shot after that, spent the day at the clinic for monitoring. It hasn’t happened since. So I’m keeping a close eye on my two humans, making sure they’re okay. So far, so good, mostly just feeling a little tired.

Staying close last night around the fire.

The vaccine I get is for rabies. Even though the odds of my coming into contact with a rabid animal are very low, I’m required to have a current rabies vaccine to cross the border into the United States every winter. T likes to vaccinate me as little as possible since my seizure episode, so she was a bit miffed she had me done in the fall of 2018 in preparation for that winter’s trip south and we haven’t travelled a winter since. Who’d have guessed we’d be home three years running?

Looks like I’ll need a fresh jab before we head south this year, but that’s okay, I seem to be handling it just fine in my more mature years. The funny thing is, in five trips, the border agents have only once asked to see my vaccination certificate. I guess I have an honest face.

Cuddle time after my last vaccine. They worry.

Well, it’s supposed to be a beautiful day so I’m headed outdoors to help T with chores. I do love to help around the farm (aka sniff around the pasture while T picks up manure). The peeps are celebrating a big anniversary next week and I hear talk of an adventure. So, if you don’t hear from me next Fur-iday, imagine me lying in the sun somewhere in one of Alberta’s beautiful provincial parks.

It’ll look something like this . . .