Foto Fur-iday – Walk with Us

Since they sprayed weed killer along the canal and T doesn’t want to walk us there for awhile, we’ve been exploring some new territory.

Ember is the company that looks after the gas wells around here and they make these nice little roads through the crops that we’ve been walking. Within Logan-distance, there are two, one to the south and one to the north.

08 Foto-WalkwithUs-gate-1

Headin’ out.

08 Foto-WalkwithUs-barley-1

Grain crop on the south road.

08 Foto-WalkwithUs-barleyripe-1

The crops are ripening already!

08 Foto-WalkwithUs-fields-1

The south road.

08 Foto-WalkwithUs-goats-1

South road inhabitants.

08 Foto-WalkwithUs-home-1

Almost home.

08 Foto-WalkwithUs-north-1

This morning along the north road.

08 Foto-WalkwithUs-home2-1

North road sky.

We’re supposed to get some rain over the next few days which might make the canal walk safe for us again. That’ll be great for the hot days but I hope T doesn’t forget about our new routes along the north and south Ember roads.




Foto Fur-iday – It’s Fall!

It’s the time of year when the days get shorter and cooler which suits us just fine. We like to be cool and we like to sleep — what’s not to love about fall? And T loves this time of year which means the walks are frequent and filled with photo taking. Here are a few from our recent walks.


Just after turning the horses out in the morning (see the full moon?).


The mornings can be chilly this time of year (there’s that moon again!).


The Bow River at Cochrane where we took an afternoon stroll on Teresa & Nollind’s anniversary.


Walking along the canal in Strathmore.


Home sweet home in the background. And yes, I am trying to fly.


The aspens in our back 40 (it’s actually only 20).


It’s raining leaves!

Happy autumn, all. Even if you don’t have a dog to walk, get out and enjoy!

A Foto A Day Keeps the Blues Away!

Any Instagram fans out there? We’re not generally social media buffs, preferring to spend time in the real world over the digital, but we’ve fallen in love with Instagram. It’s like a great big, online, community photo album and, since April 5, we’ve been posting a photo a day to our page (well…almost). That’s 131 pictures to date! Each day’s photo also displays on our blog page until we post the next photo so maybe some of you have seen them here (shift eyes to right-hand column if you’re on a computer, scroll down if you’re reading this on a tablet or phone).

Anyway, here’s a fave from each of the past five months and, if you’d like to see the whole album, check out our Instagram account, @chicoandlogan. If you don’t have an Instagram account, they’re super easy to set up. You need a smartphone to be able to post your own photos but you can view our photos from any device you like.











We should mention, on Instagram some of the photos look even better because you can crop and add cool filters to them. It sounds complicated but it’s dirt simple.

Talk to you next Fur-iday, and have fun with Instagram!