Just Us Guys

Teresa’s been away for just over a week now and we three guys have got on just fine. We miss her, of course, but there’s something about guy time, something … primal maybe.


She’s kind of like a mother, you know, caring for us, worrying about us—especially me in my senior years with my various health issues and anxieties. I appreciate it, of course I do, and I’m probably still running around because of it, but sometimes it’s nice to just chill.

For example, Teresa will buy an assortment of canned foods to add to my morning kibble to make it more palatable. Tasty, very nice, yes, but Nollind’s system of tossing in a glob of bacon fat works well too. I clean the bowl every day.


Teresa is inclined to keep me on a leash during walks to keep me from overdoing it, even though I’m not inclined to run after coyotes much anymore. With Nollind, if I’m sore at the end of the day, he tosses me a bit of medication.


Nollind goes to town more often than Teresa so trips to the dog park are more frequent, even though all that roughhousing can be a bit taxing on my old body.


And then there’s that bacon fat on my breakfast.


The biggest concern when Teresa’s away is … well … Nollind. A few years back when she was up visiting her mom in the fall, he jumped off a boat and badly sprained his ankle, bad enough for an ambulance ride and a cast. Last year, when Teresa was up north visiting her mom in October, he fell off a ladder and broke his arm, badly enough to require a plate and screws and months of rehab.

So, since she’s up visiting her mom again, she asked us to keep an eye on him while she’s away, keep him safe. It’s exhausting.

So far, so good, though, and I saw on his calendar that she’s coming home on Monday. If we can just keep him away from ladders and other dangerous places until then. He was sailing on Wednesday and that went okay. Thank God for light winds!

Well, gotta go. Nollind’s headed outside on a mission of some sort. I’m back on duty.

Was It something I Said?

Was it something I said? Or, more likely, did?

T has gone away again. She packed a suitcase on Tuesday night and left on Wednesday with her sister­. I wouldn’t normally think it was my doing but I’ve been a little distracted lately, by the gophers that seem to everywhere around the farm, and the coyotes that have been coming close. And, when I’m distracted, I don’t always listen very well. Okay. When I’m distracted, I don’t listen at all. It’s like my ears just stop working.06-Chico-Sa-us-1One day recently, during a walk in the hay field, I ran off after a coyote. Apparently, T heard sounds that she thought were me calling for help and she came running. By the time I found my way back to her she dropped to the ground and burst into tears. I’m not sure if she was happy or sad or just out of breath but I sure got a big hug.


My ears work much better in a dog park.

So anyway, she left on Wednesday and then yesterday was her birthday, and I didn’t even get to tell her Happy Birthday. I hope she knew I was thinking about her … and missing her. And, because I was missing her, I got looking through some photos. So this Foto Fur-iday, the theme is “Me and T”.


She loves to do selfies with me.



After a bath, she gives me extra towelling because she knows how much I like it.


She’s always there with a hug, even when we’re not posing for a photo.



And sometimes we just hang out in the same space.


She takes me places, like to the Strathmore UFA in this picture…


And horseback riding in this one.


Even though I know I’m too big, she lets me sit on her lap…


No matter the weather.



And even at times when she prefers her solitude, she still lets me be close.



I hope she comes home soon. I promise to be good. Well … as good as I can with these faulty ears.

My Top 10 List – Home

There’s something about being away from a place that makes you notice all the things you love about it when you first return. At least that’s what happens to me every time we come home from our winter travels in the desert. It’s like I arrive in this wondrous place that’s been awaiting my return, placed on hold just for me.


As T says, “Home is where the horse is.”

In my last post, Home on the Range, I mentioned it might be time for another top ten list. What are my ten favourite things about home?

  1. Freedom! We rolled into the farmyard, Nollind opened the truck door, and we were off and running. Running! And when T or Nollind is out doing chores around the place, riding a horse, or just sitting on the deck, I’m out there at liberty, roaming around the property. As long as I don’t head across the road or disappear from sight for too long, I’m free to do as I please.


    A run in the hay field.

  2. Gophers to chase. I love to chase gophers (ground squirrels) and there are plenty of them out here on the prairie. It is possibly my favourite activity, and as I’ve grown older and wiser, I catch them more often. A couple of summers ago I realized that if I was patient and stealthy, rather than charging after them from a distance, my hunting was much more successful.


    I know I posted a similar photo to this last time, but … 🙂

  3. Beds in every room. Not sure which is my favourite, but here at home I have at least one bed in every room in the house (except the kitchen and bathroom), as well as some human surfaces that make great napping locations (like T and Nollind’s bed).


    Hanging with T while she catches up on the company books.

  4. Food. I get food everywhere we go but it still makes my Top Ten.


    Cleaning the wrapper from some blue cheese. Yum.

  5. Canal walks. We walk a lot in the desert, and it’s great, but it is such a treat to have a place to cool off and get a drink as we wander along. We don’t always walk near the canal when we’re home, but it’s our go-to route in warm weather.


    Canal time.

  6. Horses and the treats they leave behind. T noticed me on the Misty Creek Dog Rescue website six years ago because I reminded her of Nevada, so I am forever grateful to the big spotted guy. I like the rest of the horses too and, although it may sound disgusting to you, horse manure makes a great fibre-filled dog snack. It’s full of enzymes and partially digested proteins. Hoof trimmings also make tasty treats, although foraging for snacks while the trimming is still underway can be risky.


    Me and “Spot” (aka Nevada).

  7. Movie/TV Nights. Here at home, there is one couch for all three of us to share on movie nights. Sigh …04-Chico-range-movienight-1
  8. Visitors. We get regular visitors out here on the farm: friends from the city, neighbours, family, boarders. Judy, who boards her horse Gidget with us, comes to visit every two or three days and always has a treat for me in her bag or her car. I love Judy. Michelle, another horse boarder, brought her puppy Zulu out a couple of weeks ago. I’m not entirely comfortable with cuter-than-me dogs around to hoard the attention, and people seem to think puppies are adorable, but he was okay for a puppy … and he’ll grow out of it. Then there’s friend Darren who comes to work on his boat and brings Roxie along for some gopher-chasing time. If I could just convince Roxie that she can’t dig them out of the ground maybe she’d get more off-leash time.


    Playtime with Zulu.

  9. Grass. I love to roll in the grass, do it multiple times a day when I can. It’s the canine version of a morning shower.04-Chico-top10-rolling2-1
  10. Trips to town. At this time of year, with the days still cool, I often get to go along on excursions into town. When Logan went to the vet last week, T and I went to the coffee shop, and then for a leisurely stroll around the lake in Strathmore’s downtown Kinsmen Park.


    Sniffing around Kinsmen Park.

And then there’s just that indescribable feeling of being … home.