Christmas Past, Present and Future

This year will be my tenth Christmas as part of the van Bryce clan so I decided to take a little trip down Christmas Memory Lane. Come on along!

It’s possible that my first Christmas as a van Bryce in 2011 set up some fairly hefty expectations. It looked like this…

How you do Christmas in California — breakfast on the “patio”.
Chasing rabbits in the desert.
Happy campers.

Christmas numbers two and three, in 2012 and ’13, looked more like this…

Poor little cactus regretted hitching a ride with us!
How far do you think it is to California?

Even the gift was a bit of a let down…

Looks like fish but doesn’t taste like fish.

It seemed a Christmas of eating breakfast outdoors and chasing rabbits through a warm desert was not going to be the norm, but I’m nothing if not adaptable. Instead of being outdoor warm, Christmas at home in 2014 was indoor cozy…

…and filled with cheer.

Christmas 2015 was a winter wonderland here on the farm. It was pretty hard to feel anything but happy to be spending it at home in Alberta.

Home sweet farm.
And there was skiing!

In 2016, just when we thought Christmas at home was a given, there we were on the road to Arizona in December, and we spent Christmas near Quartzsite.

Dressed for the holidays.
Lounging in camp at Hi Jolly dispersed camping area.

Christmas in the desert was so great we just had to do it again in 2017.

Christmas Eve by the fire at Dome Rock dispersed camping area.
Logie’s squeaky candy cane. He loved squeaky toys.
Christmas Day cocktail hour and Little Red Campfire time.

I was a bit disappointed when the decision was made to stay home in 2018 but the fish gift was better.

Smelly and delicious!

And it’s always good times with these two, no matter where we are or what the weather.

I think I need a hat!

Last year, we were home again in the wintry north.

Christmas Eve walk.

But it was an extra-special year because we spent it with extra-special friends.

Waiting for Christmas brunch.
A long walk on a big hill in Calgary.

We’re home again this year. It wasn’t the plan, but the Canada-US border is closed due to the pandemic so here we are. And after Monday night’s snowstorm, it’s definitely a white one. No dreaming required.

As great as memories are, Christmas present (or I should say Christmas presents), is the best kind. Here are a few puparazzi photos from this morning’s gift opening. I got all edible gifts this year. Thanks to my friends and family who know me so well.

As for Christmas future, I’d rather be surprised than to speculate, but, if Nollind has his way, it will look something like this…

Merry Christmas to all of you who read our blog, and may 2021 bring a time we can get together again in person … and in dog.