How Could They?

The peeps are headed off to celebrate their anniversary today … without me! Not really sure how that’s even possible but, if they insist, they can go right ahead and spend their 21st anniversary feeling sad and lonely.

Me, well I’m going to just lie here and pout. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like telling you about what a great sidekick I’ve been lately for all of the other excursions. :o(



We’re on Vacation!

by Chico

I’m on my first solo vacation with T and N and I am rocking the hotel/restaurant/houseguest/road tripper thing. We all miss Logan, of course, but the reports from home are about how well he’s doing and I know him well enough to know he’s much happier there, especially with G and S as company and caretakers.

Well, gotta go. There’s a dog walk planned before the day really gets rolling so I’ll share my travel adventures next week! Until then…

Swimming Holes – A Foto Fur-iday

It’s been a while since we’ve had a foto Fur-iday, and with T’s desk and computer buried in horse pedigrees and paperwork, it seemed like a good time to be quick about my blog post. She’s gone off to make a cup of tea so I’ve sneaked in here to put together my post. She can be a bit intense when it’s Fall Classic Sale deadline time so I’d best get’er done and get outta here!

I love to get wet, which many of you already know, and this summer has been great for finding new and wonderful places to go for a dip. Best part is, the summer’s only half over, and I plan to jump into as much water as possible before it gets hard.

Here’s my 2018 list so far…


One of many swims in my old standby, close-to-home, favourite, the irrigation canal.


Ribbon Creek near Troll Falls in Kananaskis Country.


Prince’s Island Park in downtown Calgary.


Lower Kanaskis Lake near the campground where we stayed in July.


Nose Creek in NW Calgary.


The Bow River east of Calgary at Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park.

Stay tuned in the late fall for my second foto blog of 2018 swimming holes!