Anniversary Camp Trip

This Fur-iday finds us on the road with Sid the fifth wheel. Yesterday was Teresa & Nollind’s 20th wedding anniversary so we’re out enjoying the Cypress Hills in southeastern Alberta. It’s a little chilly, but we’re having a grand time and expecting friends G and S to join  us for the weekend.

We’ll tell you all about it next week!

Waiting outside the Cypress Hills info centre.

The peeps’ anniversary celebration.


All Work and No Play

T’s been working a lot lately. She’s got a contract with the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association, working on their Fall Classic Sale, and it means a lot of computer time over the summer months, especially in August.

This makes it tough for me or Logan to get on her computer to write our blogs. We don’t have one of our own. Maybe we should ask for a laptop for Christmas.  Or maybe we can convince Nollind that T needs a new one and then we could have her old ASUS.

T’s in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea right now which gave me a chance to sneak in here and send out a message for Fur-iday. I’ll be back next week with a full—


Gotta go.

Here she comes.

08 Chico-AllWork-1

What I do while T is working.


And some of this.

08 Chico-AllWork2-1

And also a bit of this.

When Words Collide

T’s off to a writing conference in Calgary today and for the rest of the weekend. It’s called When Words Collide and I think this will be the third or fourth time she’s attended. My question is, why don’t we get to go along? We do most of the writing around here. Our blog posts have been coming out regularly for almost six years now. Have you seen her blog? Her last post was in June and she left all her readers hanging when she didn’t finish the story. No dedication.12742276_10156662350700599_6801386984095510705_n


Granted, she did finish and publish a novel, but that was a year and a half ago and the second novel is a bit like the second coming, a long way off and a concept only supported by the true believers.

When Words Collide is not the only writers’ event we haven’t been invited to. T’s attended one in Tucson a couple of times and another in Colorado Springs. And it’s not as if we weren’t nearby. For both of these events we were along on the trip, hanging out in the trailer all day while she learned about our craft.


08 Chico-WWC-colorado-1

Colorado in 2014 – at least we got to go along on the hikes.


But I don’t blame T, really. They probably have some kind of rule about dogs attending these things. There is so much inequality in the world when it comes to those of us blessed with four legs.

What you may not realize is that there are a lot of us dogs out there writing blogs and even books. Maybe we should start our own writers’ conference. We could call it “Paws and Prose”, or maybe “Pooches with Pens”, or just “Dogs Write 2“. We could hold it at some dog-friendly hotel (there are many of them now), bring in some of the top dogs in the business, fill the conference rooms with mats instead of chairs (although I prefer a chair), and, because we’re man’s best friend and don’t hold grudges about not being included in their events, invite the humans to join us. Rise above, I always say!


08 Chico-WWC-threeofus-1

Thursday morning pre conference-weekend walk.


Some food for thought…mmm…food…suppertime in a few hours. Maybe I’ll go have a nap until then, dream up some ideas for my next blog post. And after that I’ll poke around on Facebook.


08 Chico-WWC-notebook-1

Brainstorming blog ideas.


In case we forgot to invite you, we’ve got a new Facebook page where we’re posting all kinds of fun dog memes and photos, along with some important canine-type information and links. Come friend us on Facebook!

Chow for now!

August 11, 2017