My Kinda Hike

by Logan

It’s Teresa’s birthday today and they’ve gone off hiking in Kananaskis. I’m a little sad, I have to admit, but a long crowded car ride followed by a hike followed by another long, crowded car ride doesn’t really sound like my kind of day anymore.

Teresa and her sister Susan took me for a walk and a swim before they left this morning and, as much as my mind wants to do more, my old body begs to differ.

There’s been mention of some sort of doggie chariot on more than one occasion. Ya, not gonna happen. If I’m not getting there under my own steam, I’m not going.

Besides, it’s lovely here in Logie-land today– sunshine, breeze blowing, birds singing, soft grass for napping in the shade. My kinda hike.


Dog and Pony, Horse and Hound

by Chico

You’ve heard the expressions, right? Horse and hound. Dog and pony. We just go together. And yet, off went T to a great big horse event where there are bound to be a bunch of dog lovers (not to mention stuff for dogs) and where am I? Home!

This photo was taken last night. There was no hint this was going to happen.

She left around 8 this morning and, for awhile, I waited by the door, figured she was just in a hurry and forgot to put me in the car. She’d be right back. But, when Nollind took me and Logan out for a walk, I knew it was intentional. I’d been ditched. It would be a horse without hound kind of day.

I was bereft… Until I found out dogs aren’t allowed at the Mane Event, not even super-well-behaved-awesome dogs. I know. Crazy, right?

It’s almost suppertime so I hope she’s home soon. I wonder what she’ll bring me to make up for leaving me all day?

Oh, Canada

By Chico

We have crossed the Canada/US border at Sweetgrass-Coutts and are on our final leg. Home… Hooray!

They stopped in Lethbridge to empty the trailer tanks (and us) and I expect the next time I jump out of the truck it will be on home turf.

It was chilly last night just north of Great Falls, -14 Celsius/7 Fahrenheit, but we were nice and cozy in the zipped up version of Sid (slides in).

The walking was quite something though. I think Logan is a little shell-shocked. Or is that snow-shocked? It was foggy on the highway to Shelby and when we got out at the truck stop his feet went right out from under him, even with the human assist out of the truck. He’ll be okay though. He’ll get his snow legs back.

The GPS says another couple of hours until I can go tearing around my own yard. Best get some more rest.