Autumn Tails

It has been quite the fall season for this rescue pony. You see, ever since Rosa had to be kept in a dry pen to protect her from laminitis, I’ve had the misfortune of being her paddock mate. It’s not that I don’t like Rosa, she’s great, but I’ve missed my buddy (and herd boss) Nevada, and I’ve missed grazing even more. Last year Rosa and I were out on a track system, and she seemed to do okay, but this year the early summer rains meant more green grass and Rosa had to be confined to not just a paddock, but half a paddock.

Rosa and I in our half paddock.

Luckily for me, T took pity on me, and started letting me out into a neighbouring grassy paddock and onto the track during the day. And the best part about that neighbouring paddock? It’s right in front of the barn, which meant I was in on all the action anytime anyone was near the barn. This meant extra treats, extra attention, and having my nose in everything, which I love.

Hi. Can I help with something?

Things got even better when the track ran out of grass during our hot, dry summer and T started opening up the gate into the yard for me. (She tried turning me in with Nevada and Gidget, but the old boy gets a little weird when I’m close to “his mare”.) I haven’t had a chance to graze the yard in years and it is just the best grass on the whole place.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get better, T started putting Nevada out in the yard with me. Just Nevada, no Gidget, so all was peaceful, and I got to graze with my oldest and best of friends. Pasture life has been very good.

In addition to enjoying musical pastures and being in the thick of all things going on at the farm, T’s taken me out riding in our field. We usually work in the outdoor arena, and it does feel like work, but the footing was dusty and T was bored, so off we went into the fields. So much more fun.

Check out those smiles!

And then about a week and a half ago, Nollind saddled up Rosa and the four of us set out into the surrounding crop fields. Well, holy cow, it had been a while since I’d left the property and I was feeling pretty fresh and a little twitchy. The wind was building and T had put some fly spray on me that was attracting honey bees. “I’m not a flower!” I wanted to shout, as I jig-jogged through the field. Rosa was also feeling rather frisky, so it was an entertaining ride for all of us. Two days later, we headed out again, and without the bees and the wind I was behaving much more like the 20-year-old trail veteran I am. T was pleased about that, and I do aim to please.

Rosa feeling fit and fresh.

According to T’s plan, we’ve got three more rides to get in before the peeps depart for places south. And don’t ask, because no, I’m not going along. Sometimes I think I’d like to try it, just once, but then I worry that I’ll be uncomfortable and homesick. T’s mentioned a “horse trip” one of these winters, but we’ll see. I’m pretty happy here at home and she’s pretty happy getting a break from all the farm chores. Seems like the perfect arrangement to me. But then I imagine myself in the desert, cantering through the cactus, basking in that winter sun, spending the whole winter with my person. Well, maybe one year…

2 thoughts on “Autumn Tails

  1. Such a great installment, Stormy. It does look like a great summer for you for various reasons. I enjoyed our visit awhile back and found your barn-tending quite entertaining. Was nice to have you keeping an eye on me as I’m such an amateur 😉
    Cool you and Rosa are getting out into the fields this Fall, looking good. Say ‘hay’ and ‘nay’ to the gang for me. 🐎❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I seem to have lost my barn-tending job to Nevada, but I’ve gained his big pasture, so all is well. Glad I could help you out with my 20 years of farm knowledge. If only everyone would listen to me! Will say “hay” to the gang!
      🐴 Storm

      Liked by 1 person

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