Psst…It’s Me, Chico

I’m not sure this is allowed, blogging from beyond the Rainbow Bridge, but I cleverly figured out a way to do it (and I even managed to grab a few photos from the archives that live in the cloud.) So…

Hi! It’s been a while. I’ve been pretty busy these last few months, getting oriented to my new form, my new world, but as soon as I had a little free time, the first thing I looked into was getting in touch with all of you. Since we’d never heard from Logan after he left in 2018, I just assumed it wasn’t possible. If a clever guy like Logan couldn’t do it, what were the chances for me? But the difference between Logan and me is that I was always a little more human focused, to the point of actually trying to be more like one.

Desert sunset viewing from my camp chair.

I’m betting your first questions are “What’s it like there?” and “Is it is great as I imagine?” Especially those of you who have animal friends who have crossed the bridge. Well, the answers are … wonderful! and yes! All those health issues I contended with in my final months? Gone. I can eat anything I want and as much as I want, run around like the scud missile I used to be, and that damn tumor on my leg is completely gone. On top of that, the weather is always fine, whatever that means to each of us. For example, the Pyrenees, like Aspen, tend to like the snow, me a warm, sunny spot with a cool stream nearby. Logan likes that same sunny day, but only if he has a shady den to occupy.

A warm, sunny spot in a bed of cover. Sigh…

Yep, he’s here, my buddy Logan. In fact, he was right there waiting for me just across the bridge. He knew I was coming. Man was it good to see him. We had a vigorous play session right then and there, just like we used to back on the farm or in the desert as young dogs. He tells me there are some sand dunes to climb so I’m looking forward to that.

Or in this case … on a beach back in 2014.

As good as it was to see Logan, it sure was hard to leave my people. I know they didn’t want me to go, and that T agonized over the decision to send me away, but they did the right thing and I’m grateful. Life had really become a struggle, just to get up, to get outside, to eat even. That good old duck and potato food was just not tasting very good anymore. I can’t even look at a duck around here without gagging a little. Fortunately, the buffet is always open and I can have anything I want. Anything.

In this place, that yummy smelling plate of food would be mine!

The other really cool thing about being here? I can still communicate with beings on earth, mentally that is. Humans are tough, because they’re not very open to the idea of talking to animals, but other animals are easy peasy. For example, when T was walking along a river pathway in Sundre back in July, I suggested to this Pug dog that T would love a little lick on the face, because that’s how I used to greet her when she’d been away. Well, that little dog ran straight up to T, put her paws on her leg, and when T knelt down to say hello, slurp, right on the chin. And I think T knew that somehow it was me.

My signature chin lick.

And then I suggested to Ria that she pay extra attention to T when they were camping together and she went above and beyond, on duty just as soon as she heard the trailer door every morning. What a great friend.

Ria in all her fluffy sweetness.

I’ve also been talking to the horses and cats at the farm. I’ve enlisted Storm to run up to the fence anytime T is outside, and I convinced Hank to follow her around when she’s doing chores. Mariah helped with that one, offering to show him around. You should see the smile on her face with two cats following her around the paddocks as she rakes manure. But don’t tell her it was my idea. I’d like her to bond with her earthly critters.

I even convinced Storm to take T for an evening walk, just like I used to.

I admit to being a little jealous that I’m no longer the recipient of all that love. I mean, I am, I feel it, but I can’t physically experience it anymore. Some here say that we can reincarnate, go back to earth. Others that we wait here until our people join us. And yet others that we can choose which path to take. I think, if I do have the choice, I’ll go back, and this time as a smaller dog that fits nicely into someone’s lap. I got to be a bit of a lapdog in my final year, but, given my 50-pound size, it wasn’t all that comfortable for any of us.

Hm…I take that back. We both look pretty comfy.

Boy, it sure feels good to be back blogging. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to get in touch, or if it’s even allowed, but if I can, I will, because I’m just not ready to disappear. So, until next time, Fur-iday Files correspondent Chico reporting from beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

One thought on “Psst…It’s Me, Chico

  1. There should be a Love option at the bottom of these blogs. So wonderful to hear from you again. Have missed you so, Chico Man. What a magical place the Rainbow Bridge sounds like. I don’t see any reason why this communication would be disallowed. Please keep in touch whenever and however you can. Hugs and snugs to you and Logie and all our mutual friends 🐾❤️
    Ps. Such a love to keep T. taken care of from Beyond. 🤗😘

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