A Triad of Troubles

Back in September of 2017, Logan made the following observation on vet visits for old dogs in his “Ten Steps to Healing” post. My buddy had a rather dark sense of humour at times.

“…when they told me I was going to the vet, it had an ominous ring to it. You humans might not understand what I’m talking about since, with humans, there is no trip to the family doctor you’re not going to return from. In the world of pets, especially when we get old or sick or injured, a trip to the vet can be like a scene from Dead Man Walking.”

I often think of Logan when I’m hanging out in Logieland.

Well, that said, I’m off to the vet today. I don’t think I should be worried, but I have had quite a lot going on lately. I’ve told you about my digestive troubles—my inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)—but I’ve written little about my other afflictions. Way back in 2018, I had a suspicious lump removed from my right thigh. Then last May, T discovered a lump on the inside of that same hind leg, this time in a place that wasn’t operable because of the muscles and tendons. The diagnosis … a type of tumor that is unlikely to spread to other parts of the body, but will continue to grow. Well, grow it has.

My lumpy leg doesn’t really hurt, but because the tumor has wrapped itself around my hock joint, it does make it difficult to bend and straighten my leg completely. So I walk a bit like I’ve got a peg leg. Not a big problem, unless you combine this with the third of my health issues.

The hock joint on that back right leg has a very limited range of motion … but I get where I’m going.

At the same time the vet checked the lumps on my leg last spring, she noticed some abnormalities in my gait and diagnosed it as spondylosis or arthritis in the spine. An x-ray in the fall confirmed arthritis near the base of my tail. The arthritis along the spine impacts the nerves and interferes with communication between the brain and my legs. At first it was just irregularity, but now it’s weakness. I can still walk reasonably well, but climbing stairs is out, and I can’t stand in one place for long without an unplanned sit.

T and Nollind have joked about getting me a kick stand, so that I don’t topple sideways while I’m standing and eating. Not a bad idea really. Or maybe those training wheels kids have on their bicycles? I could get around like crazy with a set of those!

Even better than training wheels!

Anyway, apparently it’s time for a visit to the vet about my triad of troubles. Until recently, diet and CBD oil were keeping things managed, but for the past month my GI tract has been in frequent turmoil and I’m having more and more difficulty getting myself into a standing position from the floor…and then staying there.

Always in my corner.

So, wish me luck. I have at least a few more camping trips in my summer plans and I’d like to enjoy them in good health! (Disclaimer: taking into consideration current age and circumstances.)

4 thoughts on “A Triad of Troubles

  1. Well that really does sound like a triad of troubles Little Man 😣. Just saw your picture of you in your spider man boots ..very fetching. I do hope the Doc was able to come up with some ideas that could make those camping trips more carefree 🐾❤️

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  2. So sad when they reach that time. At some point we do the right thing for them. Even though it tears our hearts out. Our poor border we had to let go at 17. She just couldn’t do it anymore.
    But he looks like he’s not there yet. You will know when that happens


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