And We’re Travelling!

Some of you are probably asking yourselves, “What? Haven’t they been travelling since late November?” That’s true, the 29th to be exact, but my “delicate condition” has greatly limited what we’ve been able to do. We spent five weeks in Quartzsite, for example, the longest we’ve ever stayed in any one area.

There was a lot of this in the first two months of the trip, many times a day.

T and Nollind were generous, telling me they wanted to stay there anyway, and I know they like Quartzsite, but I also know they wanted to get on the road. And then there were all those days when T stayed at the trailer while Nollind went into town. She’s easily entertained, and I’m pretty good company even when I’m sick, but I know she missed the outings.

Happier days.

So, the good news is that my digestive issues have resolved enough to allow more travel and day trips. The not-so-good news is that I still can only eat Natural Balance duck and potato canned food. I mean, it’s tasty, but I miss all the treats I used to get, dog and human.

What my food/treat cupboard looks like these days.

T found two kinds of Natural Balance duck and potato treats plus a bag of duck jerky. So far, two of the three have caused issues, but I think we’re going to try them again now that I’ve had ten days of no diarrhea or nausea. Ten days! And ten days would have been fourteen if not for the unfortunate “popcorn incident”. A bowl of popcorn got set at dog height and, before they could stop me, I’d wolfed down a couple of mouthfuls. I was so certain things would be okay the next day and we could add popcorn to my short list of approved foods, but no such luck.

This “Timbit” (Munchkin at Dunkin Donuts) experiment wasn’t a success either. Crap!

Meanwhile, back to that good news. In the last two weeks, I’ve been on a day trip into Yuma for a walk at the West Wetlands Park, another to a town southeast of Yuma called Wellton, a third excursion to dump and fill waste and water tanks, the journey from Ogilby Road camp to our current camp at the Kofa Wildlife Refuge, and a short day trip further into the refuge. That’s five trips in two weeks, all without my little blue pills and all without digestive chaos the next day. Yay me!

Walking at the wetlands park in Yuma.

I’m feeling a whole lot better, especially in the mornings, I’m putting on some of the weight I lost, and I’m able to do longer walks. Our last walk at Ogilby Road, I went a full hour, and here at Kofa on Wednesday, I walked forty-five minutes including a long uphill stretch. Since all of this started, I’ve turned thirteen, so I’m not expecting miracles, but it sure feels good to have a little more bounce in my step.

Besides feeling better physically, I’m happy to not be such a concern and focus for my peeps. For the first two months of the trip, I was such a wreck they spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to help me and what was triggering my IBD symptoms. There wasn’t a lot of opportunity to just enjoy being in this place I know they both love.

She looks happier, right?

Today we’re on the road again, headed for another short stay in Quartzsite and a visit with some snowbird friends from back home in Alberta. Now that I’m so much better, such things are possible without planning for “Chico down days” after each day of travel.

And with possibilities opening up considerably, to my favourite peeps, I say…
“This is the first day of the rest of your trip … get out there and enjoy it!” (But since the separation anxiety is still a bit of an issue … take me with you.)

And to all of you I say …
“Stay tuned for my upcoming posts to return to more adventures and fewer misadventures!”

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