Foto Fur-iday: Home, Home on the Range

I’ve had the chance to explore a lot of cool places in my life and many of these adventures have been written about in my blog posts of the past nine years. This year alone, despite the pandemic that’s kept us closer to home, we’ve been to Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains, to the David Thompson region of central-west Alberta, to the north near the boundary with British Columbia, and to the far southwest of the province along the Cowboy Trail. It’s been quite a year.

But, the reality is, for every day we were away on an excursion somewhere, we spent at least ten here at home on the prairie. Since our step-out-the-door-and-pick-a-direction adventures often don’t make my blog posts, I’ve picked some photos from the summer and fall to show you where I trek on the days we don’t get in the car or truck and go somewhere.

Along the irrigation canal is always a favourite direction,
partly because I can stay wet and cool on the warm days,
by doing some of this,
followed by some of this.
And it’s also just a really great place to explore.
For a different kind of adventure, once the farmers have harvested their fields, we walk southwest,
or south to visit these strange looking neighbours,
or sometimes northwest,
or due east.
We don’t even have to leave the property for a great walk,
and a visit with the horses.
The snow will ultimately have an impact on where we can walk,
and how much time it takes to go the same distance,
but for now it just changes the scenery.

With winter on our doorstep, a closed border to our winter camping grounds in the southwest deserts, and a pandemic discouraging visiting and travel, there’ll be a lot more roaming the home range in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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