Hike ‘n’ Brew

Back in September I wrote about an alternative adventure we took, when we weren’t able to go on our planned camping trip due to truck troubles. We wandered out to the Cochrane area, took some walks, visited a brewery, and had just the best day.

Brown-Lowery Provincial Park

Well, a couple of weeks later, when we still didn’t have a truck, we went wandering again. It seemed the hike ‘n’ brew was too much fun to not be repeated. This time we visited Brown-Lowery Provincial Park southwest of Calgary. This is a day-use-only park with 12 km of trails through the forest with some views of the Rocky Mountains from up high.

The view from the top.

We hiked the trail that circumnavigated the whole park, taking a scenery and water break at the viewpoint. It was another warm day so I was pretty pleased the peeps thought to bring my water bowl along.

Brown-Lowery trail.

After the walk, we went in search of the brew part of the hike ‘n’ brew equation, driving further south to the town of Black Diamond and the Hard Knox Brewery. Much to my delight, beer and dogs go together in the minds of beer makers and, because Hard Knox doesn’t cook and serve food in their establishment, I could even go inside with T and N while they made their selections. Crazy, right?

I wonder what beer tastes like.

It was too nice a day to drink indoors so we grabbed a table in the beer garden. Did you know that beer grows in a garden? I did not. Odd thing was, there were no likely beer-producing plants in the garden that I could see, just grass for me to lie on and tables and chairs for the humans. Nollind had a beer, T had a collection of tiny beers, and I had water while I watched the other dog patrons come and go.

See what I mean? No beer plants.

In late October, one chilly day, when T wanted to visit a NE Calgary store to get me some new food (I do love her), the peeps decided to turn it into a hike ‘n’ brew of a different sort. Up until then, brew had meant beer, but that was on the warm days. This time brew meant a hot beverage, tea for T and coffee for Nollind. And, OH MY GOD, did you know that Timbits come in a box?! A whole box full. I had to share with the peeps, but wowzers, what a discovery.

A box of 10?!

Coffee and tea in hand and Timbits in bellies, we hit the trail at Nose Creek Park, walking the whole 6-km loop. Admittedly, city parks are not quite like mountain trails for making discoveries, but for a dog who follows his nose, there is plenty to experience everywhere.

Discovering the scents of Brown-Lowery.

This past Wednesday, T decided it was time to squeeze in another hike ‘n’ brew before the conditions turned more wintry so we set out for Bragg Creek west of Calgary. Did I say before the conditions turned wintry? Right. Thought so. Well, nobody told Bragg Creek.

We started off at Bragg Creek Provincial Park, a new spot for us, but there was too much snow in this dense forested area. Next stop was West Bragg Creek where the trails are pretty familiar from skiing and horseback trips. The peeps were pretty sure there’d be bare ground on some of the more open trails of that area.

Me showing off my hunter jumper form.

Despite a week of very warm weather (including a record-breaking day on Monday) and quite a lot of sunshine, the main trail heading west out of the parking area was completely snow and ice covered, as were the trails crossing the creek to the south. So, north we walked, up the south-facing hill that was largely devoid of treacherous conditions.

The trees are so much taller than the ones we have at home.

There were a few stretches of mushy snow and some ice, but nothing a group of prairie dwellers couldn’t handle. We got back to the parking lot with the sun just fifteen minutes above the hills, or so Nollind measured with a finger above the horizon. Do you think that method could work for a dog paw?

Trail dog.

Although there are a couple of beer options in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek, it was brewed tea and coffee again, and the patio was closed so I had to wait in the car. :o( But T did bring me part of her salted caramel cookie. Yum.

I have to say, I’m rather a fan of this hike ‘n’ brew thing we’ve got going. I wonder where we’ll go next time?

5 thoughts on “Hike ‘n’ Brew

  1. Hey Chico, you are looking particularly handsome in these photos. Ria’s tail is wagging hearing about all the dog friendly places you are finding. Hopefully this winter some of those patios will have heaters!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! I had no idea Nollind could take such measurements with his finger. I imagine he could probably teach you the skills and somehow translate into paw units 😉
    Very impressive hunter jumper form and as SC said, great pictures overall.
    The Hike’n Brew trend looks to be a fine one. Was just wondering if T. had some help with that collection of tiny beers as they don’t appear all that tiny 🤠. Am curious how the Peach Cobbler was.
    Looks like the trend could help winter along nicely. Cheers little man ❤️🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s an old farmer/cowboy trick, measuring the amount of daylight with the width of your hand. He tells me each finger is 15 minutes until the sun hits the horizon. But, between you and me, he says a lot of stuff. ;o) Those beers look a lot bigger so close to the camera, but they were pretty small compared to Nollind’s all-in-one-glass version. I recall her response to Peach Cobbler was something like, “Oh, that’s odd.” I don’t think it was her favourite. But she really liked the blonde and the raspberry ones.
      Cheers to you in the north country!
      Chico 🐾

      Liked by 1 person

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