Autumn Adventures

Starting off the trip with second breakfast.

This Fur-iday finds us off enjoying an autumn adventure in southwestern Alberta. We were beginning to wonder if we’d pull it off before the snow flew but Mother Nature and Mister Transmission conspired to have us back on the road while some good fall weather remained.

Morning walk at Sibbald Lake.

We spent the first few days with our camping buddies, G, S and R, sharing a grand time at Sibbald Lake Campground in Kananaskis Country. It was a new place to us but old stomping grounds for them so we were treated to tour guides for three days, along with long walks, campfire time, and an awful lot of human laughter.

My buddy Ria LOVES the water…and sticks.

We’ve ventured farther south on our own now, to the foothills west of Pincher Creek and will probably stay here through Thanksgiving. I must say, even for a dog with limited colour vision, I can see why the views around here bring tears to T’s eyes. Holy wow.

Beauvais south lakeshore trail.

But more about this place and our continued journey in a Fur-iday to come. Until then… Chico, Fur-iday Files correspondent, signing off, from the road. (I borrowed from Storm.)

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