The Fur-iday Files

In a few days it will be two years since the guy who shares the name of this blog left us and took his stories with him. On the first Fur-iday of a number of months, I’ve tried to honour my buddy Logan by sharing snippets and photos from his posts. There were so many adventures and good times and I wasn’t ready to relegate him to the archives.

Kalamalka Lake in BC during the first week of our 2011 adventure.

But, two years later, I know he’d want us to move on. Stories of Logan will still come up, and maybe I’ll put something together to remember him on special occasions, but the time has come to say goodbye to “Chico’s and Logan’s Great Adventures” because Logan’s adventures are long over.

On the beach at Lake Havasu in March of 2018 just before heading north.

Nine years ago, in the fall of 2011, we started this blog as a way of sharing the five-month tale of our southern RV travels with friends and family. When we found ourselves desert bound again two years later, we were back on the blog telling more stories. In April of 2015, after our third winter trip to the southwest United States, we decided to tell tales of our at-home time too since “life is a grand adventure wherever we are.”

Exploring the back twenty in April 2015 after a winter away.

In February 2016, during a long winter spent at home, we started calling the days we posted on the blog Fur-idays. Not to brag, but it was my idea, and my name, the only one I came up with that Logan would agree to. Anyway, ever since, whether we’re at home or off travelling somewhere, Fur-idays have been blog days.

This is kinda what our discussion of names looked like.

Storm is one of the horses here on the farm and he guest blogged for the first time in November of 2017. After Logan died in 2018, Storm wrote a very moving “Tribute to a Trail Dog” and I decided then that it was time for him to tell tales from the barn more often. He blogged about Nevada’s brush with death that November, about the horses’ collective birthday in January, and winter weather in February. He’d earned a regular spot and, since then, has been reporting on all the things that happen in the herd.

A new blogger!

As we approach the two-year anniversary of Logan’s passing, the great adventures that began in 2011 no longer belong to him and me, but to a collection of four-legged, furry creatures here at Almosta Ranch. So, in this age and climate of inclusion, “Chico’s and Logan’s Great Adventures” will hereby be called “The Fur-iday Files”. We’re not moving, you’ll still find us at, but the banner will change in October.

You just might hear from this guy one of these days.

Whether you’ve been following our tales since the beginning or just found us last week, from the bottoms of our furry hearts, thank you for reading and commenting and subscribing. Knowing that you’re reading inspires us to keep writing.

6 thoughts on “The Fur-iday Files

  1. so heartwarming, chico! what a talented bunch of 4 legged writers you are! keep on entertaining us with your stories. and for keeping Logan fresh and alive for us.

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  2. What the lovely ladies above said and I’d just like to add that the Fur-iday posts have given me much pleasure and have been such a great way to receive news about the van Bryce adventures and happenings. Fridays wouldn’t be the same without them. Looking forward to the feline installation. What a great legacy Logie left behind 🐾💓

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    1. You’re right there, it is Logie’s legacy. Always the storyteller. It warms our furry hearts to know that people enjoy hearing from us on Fur-idays. Thanks for letting us know … and I’ll tell Hank to get out his quill pen (he’s kind of old fashioned).
      Chico 🐾

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