Keeping My Cool

I’m a pretty cool dude, if I do say so myself, not normally ruffled by much. There’s a high, shrill beep the tire pressure monitor for the trailers makes that’s kinda freaky, I’m not a fan of big claps of thunder, but, other than that, I’m not easily fussed.

Chillin’ in my yard (aka Logie-land) on the farm.

However, keeping my cool in the temperature sense has become more of an issue. I’ve always loved a dip in cool water on a hot day, but it used to be more of a perk than a necessity.

One happy 3-year-old hiker in an Arizona stream.

At 11 ½, I just don’t seem to have the same tolerance for heat that I once did. On a cool, cloudy day I can walk as far as dogs half my age. On a hot day, I fade quickly, and wish for that wagon T promises to get for my old age.

Cooling off in the canal.

We’ve been having a heatwave here in Alberta for a couple of weeks now and, although my peeps are pretty good about taking me out early in the day before it heats up, things just don’t always work out that way. Whether early or not so early, I am so grateful to walk alongside the water that runs through our country neighbourhood, the irrigation canal. I used to be a one- or two-swim walker, but lately, I’m in the water half a dozen times or more.

Feelin’ groovy.

During the growing season, when the farmers to the east need plenty of water for their crops, the canal is running high and clean. Or it seems pretty clean to me with its blue-green colour the same as the river it originates from. Which doesn’t explain why my peeps think I need a bath before going on a trailer trip, but, anyway…

Not my favourite way to get wet.

I always assumed Logan got overheated easily because of his black coat. Turns out that was only part of the problem. Age. Damn. And I thought I’d always be invincible.

The only shade on our daily walk.

Our heatwave has taken a hiatus for at least today, with rain and clouds arriving overnight. Fine by me. It was cool in the house this morning and I hear we’re off to Strathmore for some dog park time. I like to get in a little socializing with other four-leggeds, but, truth be told, the best part of the dog park outing is the stop at Tim Hortons on the way there. Timbit here I come!

Stay cool out there,

2 thoughts on “Keeping My Cool

  1. Haha..that’s not much shade Chico..and I imagine not that simple to take shelter under 😉 Hard to relate to your heat wave ..I was just thinking this morning what a lovely Fall day yet the calendar claims it is Summer. I saw flashes of cold north wind and snow shovelling 🤦
    So I guess what I’m saying is enjoy the warmth while you can. Still miss you. Hugs 💓🐾


    1. Always good advice in Canada, “enjoy the warmth while you can”! And I’m doing my best. Truly. As long as there are water and shade, I’m a happy pooch. We’ve had a few chilly breezes this past week too and it does conjure up some scary images. Noooo…not yet! But let’s not think about that four-letter “s” word until we have to. Hope you get some sunny, warm autumn days!
      Chico 🐾

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