At Long Last … SPRING!

It has been an uphill battle, but spring has finally come to the southern Alberta prairie. With the first snow landing on the ground early last fall, September 29, and a record-breaking snow at that, winter seemed very long indeed, even for a guy like me who kind of likes snow. When it starts in September and is still coming down in April, with temperatures cold enough to keep it in its frozen state, even I tire of the white stuff.

It’s spring!

We’ve had days here and there the past couple of months when it started to feel like winter was over but then the cold would return, the snow would fall, and it was winter once again.

One of the many unhappy returns of winter.

Today will be our seventh straight day of spring-like weather. We are on a roll! And, according to T, who keeps an eye on the forecast, there’s nothing but sunshine and mid to high teen temperatures (that’s 60-65 Fahrenheit for those south of the border) for the next seven days.

So many interesting things can be found when the snow leaves, some of them rather tasty.

I have to admit, after the longest winter of my eleven years of life, I’ve become unaccustomed to the heat and am finding our afternoon walks a little on the warm side. But, if I tally up the pros and cons of spring, I’m pretty sure I know the score. Let’s just see …

Con: Kinda warm for an aging dog out walking.
Pro: Slabs of ice have turned to watering and swimming holes!

One of the many ponds dotting the prairie in the spring.

Con: Muddy feet that need to be bathed in our new Mudbuster (T and Nollind love it but I’m not as big a fan)
Pro: No cold feet or need for boots!

Con: Yeah, sorry, can’t think of anything else.
Pro: List too long for this blog post.

Well, I think I’ll get outside and enjoy more of this great, spring weather. Around here, you never know when winter might decide to make one last appearance.

4 thoughts on “At Long Last … SPRING!

  1. Yay Spring Chico! I wholeheartedly agree. Can’t wait for the green to come. Someone just told me that green is a particularly powerful color when it comes to affecting the pleasure centres. Won’t be long now. Funny you should mention ice slabs in the swimming holes. On my walk the other day I spotted some ice breaking up and was instantly transported to the days of my youth and the joy of Spring. True there’s no guarantees we won’t be hit with more of the white stuff, but it’s comforting to know it won’t stick around again until ..well, at least September 😉

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  2. Nothing i can add to Susan’s comments…..she pretty well said it all! Your pros and cons are excellent….well expressed. Really like the photos, too. Keep on enjoying the variety in the weather, and may the green come soon!

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