The “Eyes” Have It

By now, you’re probably expecting to see a photo of a palm tree or cactus in my post. Well … me too. But it all came down to a vote this year, and the eyes have it.

I may be a dog but I know the correct expression is “the ayes have it” but, thing is, they don’t this year. There were three ayes and just one eye but the eye won. Confused yet?

No palm trees for days.

Since the fall, it’s been an on-again-off-again, sooner-then-later trip planning process. When David, Nollind’s dad, was doing so great around Thanksgiving, we started planning our departure for the early part of winter, prepared to return if things changed. As you know from my November 15th blog post, David didn’t continue to do well and, sadly, left us on the 9th of November.

Other than the emotional part, it’s a simple affair when a dog dies. We don’t own property, have bank accounts, or pay taxes. A collar, a few toys, and in Logan’s case, some leftover medications are all that remain in the physical sense. It’s a very different deal with humans, I’ve learned, and Nollind has spent a bucket load of time the past few months wrapping up the many details of his father’s life. And the process didn’t proceed without a hitch, or two, or three, resulting in planned departure dates being regularly scrubbed for new ones.

In late January, the pieces finally came together in the estate resolution process and we set a new date, February 6, just a week away, if the weather cooperated. The very next day, on the 31st, we were walking in the Strathmore Dog Park when T’s eye started to bother her. By the time we were on our way home in the dark after visiting Friday night’s Chinese buffet, she said she was seeing flashes of light to the south. I saw nothing.

They dropped me at home and headed out again, an odd thing it seemed, and didn’t come home until the wee hours of the morning. Even more strange. Turns out they’d been at the hospital, getting T’s eye checked out. She’d experienced a PVD, or posterior vitreous detachment (big words for a dog, right?), in her left eye. It’s not a big deal on its own and her visual symptoms will diminish in time, but the risk for the four to six weeks following the PVD is that it will pull on the retina and cause a tear or complete detachment. I didn’t know what a retina was until all this happened but, turns out, it’s a key component in being able to see.

So, the travel insurance company won’t cover treatment of the eye in the United States if something happens, and we’d be too far from Canada to get her home quickly enough for the surgery. Although it’s unlikely that T’s PVD will cause anything more than what she calls annoying floaters, they decided it was too risky and we’d stay home.

Of course, staying home doesn’t mean staying at home. Less than a week after T’s eye event, we were on the road to Fort Macleod in southern Alberta for what they referred to as a consolation concert. I didn’t see the concert in the historic opera house, but I got to walk in some new places and sleep on a motel bed.

River Valley Wilderness Park at Fort Macleod

Although I’m disappointed we won’t be visiting Lake Mohave, the Valley of Fire, Lake Havasu, Palm Springs, Sue’s place in Sacramento, and all the other great spots on the trip list, I hear there are some alternative close-to-home adventures in the planning. There won’t be palm trees or cactus, but I’m betting on snow-covered mountains, snowy walks under blue skies, time with friends, and plenty more ski days.

Walking at Chestermere Lake with G, S and R.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 🐾 💖 Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “The “Eyes” Have It

  1. And Happy Valentine’s to you cutie pie. Love the shadow shot. Hoping your T only has to deal with annoying floaters for a short while and you have plenty of ‘consolation’ adventures 🐾🦴💞

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  2. Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you and the family, Chico. Very sorry to read about T’s eye condition and how it impacted the travel plans but staying north sounds like the right choice. I hope she heals quickly and soundly. Love the shadow shot, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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