Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho

I have to confess to not possessing the strongest work ethic. But, I do like to be the centre of attention.  Herein lies the double-edged sword of horsedom for me, attention and work often come as a package. 

Nevada’s the one with the great gig. He goes out every afternoon for extra food, sometimes a grooming, and does absolutely nothing in terms of work. Although, he does have teeth that are wearing out and a pelvis that gives him grief so perhaps his life isn’t all sunshine and oats.

“Working” at our two different jobs.

Maybe it’s Gidget who’s got the sweetest arrangement. She doesn’t get extra food every day, but quite reliably every second day, plus a grooming and some hand-fed snacks. She has to do a few exercises and gets ridden some in the warmer months but, generally, she’s got the best of both worlds. She’s old enough for semi-retirement but not so old that chewing is challenging and things hurt.

A prairie ride on an autumn day.

If I could only pick and choose .. let’s see … I’d take the daily grain, the snacks, the brushing, but hold the workout. Don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally get pampered just for the sake of it, but my waistline can’t handle more food than I’m already getting so daily grain is out of the question. Damn my pokey metabolism!

Enjoying my Christmas grain.

But, full confession, once the saddle’s on, we’ve shaken off the cobwebs, and the joints get warmed up, I start having fun and can even get a little frisky. When that happens, I can just feel T smiling up there, which makes me smile and gives me the push to keep on doing whatever it is she’s asking me to do.

Summer evening ride, complete with trail dog.

We’re a good team, T and I. She’s not super dedicated to any type of horse sport or competition at this stage of life so we can just spend time together, get some exercise, and enjoy a sunny day. And, if I have to put on a few miles to be the one who comes out of the pasture for some one-on-one time, it’s a small price to pay.

Putting on a few miles in Kananaskis Country.

T took most of last year off from riding and I missed our time together. She had other things she wanted to focus on and I had a wee bit of lameness in one leg that she wanted to rest. I’m feeling good now and I think she is too ‘cause I’ve been saddled up twice in January. That might not sound like a lot, but it is for T when it comes to cold-weather, snowy-ground riding.

Winter ride.

She’s going away for a couple of months and, although that guarantees I won’t have to work, it also means I’ll be watching from the sidelines whenever Nevada and Gidget get out for some food and attention. Judy’s great about giving me a snack or two, but it’s not the same as having my own person around … even when that person does put me to work.

One thought on “Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho

  1. Heigh-Ho Stormy. I didn’t recognize you in the shot of you enjoying your Christmas treat. You are a bit of a Chameleon 😉. Nice you are getting some quality time with T even if it means ‘working’. Giddy up 🐎😁❤️


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