Happy New Year!

2020 has been very full so far but I wanted to drop in this first Fur-iday of the new year to wish you good health and piles of happiness as we set out into this new decade.

My year launched with a dog and pony day! T took Storm for the first ride of the 20s and I did my trail dog and grooming support thing. I think I love horse time as much as she does.

The past two days I’ve been part of the rental renovation team in Calgary. Mostly I supervise, take them for a walk when they need a break, and provide moral support. I really should have one of those support dog vests.

We finished early today, and I hear there may be some off-leash time after lunch. Lunch. Mmm… I wonder what we’re having. Whatever it is, I’ll be close to the action. With all this reno stuff in the truck, I’m in the front seat!

Anyway, gotta go. Storm or I will be back next week with a newsier post.

I’ll leave you with a piece of canine wisdom for 2020: live life like somebody left the gate open!

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