A Christmas Poem for You

I tried to cleverly insert the word “fur” into Merry Christmas but it just didn’t work so, instead, a Christmas poem…

It’s Christmas time, slow down, don’t hurry,
Spend some time with someone furry.

The greatest gift you’ll ever get,
Is the love of your four-legged pet.

We bring joy to the coldest day,
When winter’s chill seems here to stay.

And curl up nearby on the darkest night,
When Mother Nature steals the light.

And in return we little take,
But care and warmth and maybe…steak?

A Christmas wish was hinted at,
I hope my people read this online chat.

But now I’m getting off the track
And must quickly find my own way back.

To the point herein of this little rhyme
Shared with you at Christmas time.

May the season bring you joyful days,
And love and light that stays and stays.

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Poem for You

  1. What a lovely poem Chico Man…your talents are many. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas time, and I hope you get a little steak over the season. 🐾❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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