I’ll Be Okay …

T’s gone away again, up to northern BC to visit family for a week. She packed the little blue wheelie suitcase, which means she’s travelling by plane, which means that I can’t go. I wish I was the size of dog that could fit in one of those carry-on kennels. That way I could go along on all of her travels.

Do you think I could squeeze in?

It’s not that I don’t like hanging out with Nollind … it’s just that I worry … about getting fed. The cats told me a story about once having to carry dead birds into the house as a reminder to fill the food bowl when T was out of town. Cats like to mess with dogs so maybe they were just trying to scare me. But, I suppose, if things get dire, there are lots of pigeons around that nobody seems to be a fan of, and I’m pretty good at scavenging for wild mushrooms and other such treats.

Snuffling around for wild mushrooms.

And, I did supervise the making of the “Chico List”—daily walk, breakfast options, dinner instructions—and everything important was on there. Nollind is pretty good with a list. I should be fine…

Demonstrating that I’m the perfect size for her suitcase.

Maybe someone should come and check on me, say … Tuesday?


5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Okay …

  1. I think the cats were telling the truth, Chico. I can’t come out there on Tuesday, and I know you don’t have a cell phone, but would you feel reassured if i sent Nollind a text
    to make sure he hasn’t lost the list?

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  2. Well I can’t believe she didn’t go for the suitcase. It is clear you would have fit and I wish you were here.
    We were discussing the topic of your feeding at lunch and the suggestion I liked best was that if you find too much time has passed between meals, you find a good place on one of Nollind’s calves and take a chomp. Gently, of course, should be prompting enough 😉
    In the meanwhile, enjoy your week running the show while the boss is away. ❤🐾

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