My Kinda Hike

It’s Teresa’s birthday today and they’ve gone off hiking in Kananaskis. I’m a little sad, I have to admit, but a long crowded car ride followed by a hike followed by another long, crowded car ride doesn’t really sound like my kind of day anymore.

Teresa and her sister Susan took me for a walk and a swim before they left this morning and, as much as my mind wants to do more, my old body begs to differ.

There’s been mention of some sort of doggie chariot on more than one occasion. Ya, not gonna happen. If I’m not getting there under my own steam, I’m not going.

Besides, it’s lovely here in Logie-land today– sunshine, breeze blowing, birds singing, soft grass for napping in the shade. My kinda hike.


2 thoughts on “My Kinda Hike

  1. Well we missed you on the hike, but of course you’re always there in the hearts of those who know and love you. Was great hanging with you in Logie Land. Miss you and your family very much ❤️

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