Dog and Pony, Horse and Hound

You’ve heard the expressions, right? Horse and hound. Dog and pony. We just go together. And yet, off went T to a great big horse event where there are bound to be a bunch of dog lovers (not to mention stuff for dogs) and where am I? Home!

This photo was taken last night. There was no hint this was going to happen.

She left around 8 this morning and, for awhile, I waited by the door, figured she was just in a hurry and forgot to put me in the car. She’d be right back. But, when Nollind took me and Logan out for a walk, I knew it was intentional. I’d been ditched. It would be a horse without hound kind of day.

I was bereft… Until I found out dogs aren’t allowed at the Mane Event, not even super-well-behaved-awesome dogs. I know. Crazy, right?

It’s almost suppertime so I hope she’s home soon. I wonder what she’ll bring me to make up for leaving me all day?


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