I Crushed It!

I crushed it! At least that’s the expression Nollind used for how I managed the trip south this year. A combination of old age weariness, loss of hearing, and the right drugs seem to be my travelling trifecta. As Chico would say, “Best trip ever!”

I slept! I actually slept! And not just a nap, but real, deep, tongue-sticking-out sleep for most of the twenty-some hours we spent on the road between the farm and Las Vegas. I now understand why Chico sleeps when we travel. The miles just fly by.


On the road.


I’d try to sit up for a while to keep an eye on things, but my eyes would get heavy, I’d feel a little wobbly, and I was down … again … and again. Fortunately, it was also the best trip ever in terms of road conditions so my supervision was not as needed as in previous years.

I know the drugs helped, something called Alprazolam, which is apparently like Xanax, but I was on the same thing last year and it didn’t knock me out. And this year Teresa only fed me half the dose as per the vet’s instructions, because of my tired kidneys not being able to process things as quickly.


Pitstop somewhere in Idaho. The last of the snow.


Despite sleeping most of the way here, I was still tired when we got to Las Vegas on Monday, and spent most of Tuesday sleeping on my couch. We’re at the Las Vegas RV Resort, a place we’ve been a number of times, and it felt good to come somewhere familiar, somewhere that doesn’t require much effort on my part. The little dog run area is just a short walk from the site they gave us so it’s easy for my old bladder to manage the trip in the morning.


The drugs gave me a bit of cottonmouth.


The past couple of days we’ve been getting out for walks away from the RV park, on Wednesday at a place in Henderson called Heritage Park and yesterday at the Clark County Wetlands Park. By the end of yesterday’s excursion, I was beat. Teresa took me over to the RV park dog area when we got home and I lay down in the gravel, couldn’t even stay on my feet.


Walking at the Clark County Wetlands Park.


But my appetite’s back (it tends to leave me when we’re on the road). I ate a good dinner last night and breakfast again this morning, so I think that will help with my energy. And I’m hoping today will be another truck-free day like Tuesday. I hear we’re moving on tomorrow and I need time to prepare for the trip. Here’s hoping I can “crush it” again!


Building up my strength. (Like my new bowl stand? Another perk of old age.)






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