It’s Not Working :(

Back in July, I told you about the new supplement T was putting Logan on. It started off great—Logan liked the taste. The huge tablets didn’t have to be coated, dipped, or otherwise disguised in something tasty. Not much disguising required for me. I swallow my fish oil capsules happily, even try to get them between my teeth to let loose that burst of fishy flavour. Yum.


My best bud.


But Logan’s affinity for the taste of the FlexPet didn’t last long, maybe a week … if that. He’s pretty fussy. Even something he seems to really like he might not like tomorrow, or the day after that. I don’t understand it, but I certainly don’t mind. It means there’s usually a little something extra for me. The best is when Logan leaves just enough of his breakfast or dinner to make a nice dessert for me, but not enough that T can be bothered to put it in a container for later. It’s a fine line.


Waiting to see what Logan will leave in his bowl.


So anyway, after those first days, the FlexPet got wrapped in Greenies Pill Pockets. The pill pockets seem to be the one manufactured food that Logan continues to like the taste of month after month. I’ve never had the chance to taste one because I normally don’t take any pills and, when I have had to, they taste pretty good all on their own (the vet people put flavouring in there that’s quite nice). Next time I have to take a pill I’m going to spit it out like Logan does. Then they’ll have to put it in a pill pocket for me. I will get to try one!

08 Chico-NotWorking-treats-1

As you can see by his expression, Logan never tires of the taste of steak!


Logan’s been taking the FlexPet for seven weeks now and nothing has changed. Well, that’s not entirely true. He’s continued to get worse. There’s another ten days or so of supplement, but we’re not expecting anything miraculous at this point. I can see the disappointment on T’s face. I’ll catch her looking at Logan and see the tears welling up in the bottoms of her eyes. She so wants to help him but nothing seems to work.


There’s a lot more of this in our days than there used to be.


I’m not sure what’s next but I’m sure there’ll be something. T’s like me with a bone when she sets her mind. And you should see me with a bone!


Enjoying some chew time in the desert last winter.


Sorry I don’t have better news. I know you’re all rooting for him just like we are. He misses going for long walks and, even more so, a good run across the fields. But he’s adjusting to the new normal, as we all are, and finding ways to entertain himself that aren’t so physically demanding.  Last Sunday, for the first time, he opted out of a trail ride. T was taking Storm just to the back of the property, a half mile, so she invited him along. Logan followed for a short distance, and then cut back to the yard to lie underneath the horse trailer. I think it’s his new way of staying connected to the horse activities.


First post-harvest trail ride in the field south of home.


And I suppose that’s the key isn’t it, working with what we’ve got on any given day and being okay if it’s not the same tomorrow. We need to live each day like someone left the gate open but that doesn’t mean we have to bolt through the thing at Mach 1 every single time.08-chich-notworking-gateopen









10 thoughts on “It’s Not Working :(

  1. I’m sad to hear that the supplement isn’t working for your best bud, Chico. But you’re right, the key is to work with what we’ve got on any given day which it sounds like Logan is doing. That’s my philosophy, too, and I’m using it every day, as I keep adjusting to my new normal. Logan is lucky to have such a compassionate and understanding friend. Give him a scratch behind the ear from me, and a virtual hug for you!


  2. Chico, your reflections are so thoughtful and wise. I hope you and Logan can visit again soon. I promise to make more steak snacks! In the meantime we are thinking of you, Logan and the rest of the gang at the farm.


  3. Ahhh, Logan, change can be challenging at best, heartbreaking at worst. I totally get what your humans are going through now. We cling to our memories and wish the furry family had as much time on this rock as the humans. We want more because we live you so. We try to appreciate each day with no regrets. Know you all are loved on this side and the other.

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  4. Sad news Chico Man. Sounds like you’re all making the best of one of those tough life processes though. Still rooting for T and her bone. They’re working on new cures as I write. Hugs and snugs, aunt Snooze

    Liked by 1 person

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