All Work and No Play

T’s been working a lot lately. She’s got a contract with the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association, working on their Fall Classic Sale, and it means a lot of computer time over the summer months, especially in August.

This makes it tough for me or Logan to get on her computer to write our blogs. We don’t have one of our own. Maybe we should ask for a laptop for Christmas.  Or maybe we can convince Nollind that T needs a new one and then we could have her old ASUS.

T’s in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea right now which gave me a chance to sneak in here and send out a message for Fur-iday. I’ll be back next week with a full—


Gotta go.

Here she comes.

08 Chico-AllWork-1

What I do while T is working.


And some of this.

08 Chico-AllWork2-1

And also a bit of this.


2 thoughts on “All Work and No Play

    • Thanks Snooze (love that name)! The shades actually belong to a friend of mine. Sue let me borrow them when we were camped beside her in the desert last winter. I usually go for something a little more sporty but thought these gave me a somewhat cosmopolitan look. 🙂

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