Foto Fur-iday – One Month Home

We’ve been home from our winter travels a full month now, and T is regularly asked if we (Logan and I) seem happy to be home. Well, I’ll let the following photos answer that question …

05-chico-dogslife-snowday-105-chico-dogslife-bed-105-chico-dogslife-chewing-105-chico-dogslife-chicobed-105-chico-dogslife-canallogan-105-chico-dogslife-logancuddles-105-chico-dogslife-slough-105-chico-dogslife-pjs-105-chico-dogslife-onthetrail-105-chico-dogslife-canalchico-1Does that about answer the question? If not, I have more photos.

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