Home on the Range

We’re home! Got here last Sunday after what seemed like weeks on the road. I’m usually a pretty keen traveller but even I didn’t want to get back in the truck the last couple of mornings. It wasn’t really weeks long, just five days with one day of rest in the middle at Salt Lake City. We just didn’t have any of our signature long stops toward the end of the trip and I think we were all getting tired of moving camp.


Jordan River Parkway near the Salt Lake City KOA.

Logan told you we were going to spend two days in Salt Lake City but it ended up being just one…and a half. With our campsite at the KOA backing onto the Jordan River pathway which led to an off-leash park, I would have been happy to stay for a week. However, on Fur-iday afternoon we set out for Idaho Falls, just a few hours up the road. It was an easy drive but a tough night. We parked at a Walmart and it was the noisiest place we’ve ever camped, and we’ve camped at Walmarts and truck stops before. Even with the little orange things stuffed in her ears, I don’t think T got much sleep that night.


Jordan River Parkway off-leash and a flying dog!

Early Saturday, groggy from lack of sleep, we were on the road again, through the Rockies, to Great Falls for a shopping stop. There’s a store called North 40 where T likes to shop for the horses on her way home. This year it was temporary posts for the electric fence and dewormer. I think they may have preferred a bag of those apple wafers, but she knows them better than I do.

Less than an hour north of Great Falls we stopped for the night at the Teton River rest area. Terrific spot, lots of space for walking, not too close to the highway. We were the first ones there in the early evening but, by sunset, we had a bunch of RVing neighbours, mostly Albertans headed home from their snowbirding winter.


Teton River rest area for the night.

I think I was still half asleep when Nollind boosted me into the truck the next morning, the sun barely a glow off to the east. Lucky for me, I can go right back to sleep on my bed in the truck. Logan had been given his pill about an hour before so he was also ready for a nap. It is such a treat to have him sleeping next to me rather than pacing around, sitting on me, and covering me in drool. Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the guy when he’s like that, but after six years of being his travelling companion, I`m ready for something different.04-Chico-range-truck-sleeping-1

I wouldn’t mind trying one of Logan`s little travel-better pills, just to see what it feels like. T and Nollind think I’d turn into a puddle, but I`ve got a pretty sturdy constitution. I bet I could pill old Logan right under the table!

It always feels good to come home after months away, especially when the snow is gone and the day is warm. We rolled in around two o’clock and Logan and I immediately went to work chasing the gophers who’ve set up house in our yard. I seem to have picked up a few extra pounds over the winter so I didn’t get any the first day, but by Tuesday I was back on my game and grabbed a big one in the barnyard.04-Chico-range-gopher-1

What do I like best about home? Might be time for another Chico’s Top 10, but I’ll save that for next time and leave you with this song by Alberta’s own Ian Tyson. We travel to a lot of awesome places, but there’s nothing quite like an Alberta sky.


2 thoughts on “Home on the Range

  1. I grew up under Alberta skies but didn’t understand their reputation until we moved to Ontario for five years.The first summer back, it hit me, “This is what writers mean when they talk about the big prairie sky.” There’s nothing quite like it and the song you chose is a perfect tribute. Welcome home.

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