Busy Times on the Road

As you might have gathered from our blog posts, we don’t up anchor and move very frequently. Most of our stops are at least a week, often ten days, and sometimes two weeks or better. So, when I have three stops to talk about in one post, we’ve been busy.


Home for the first half of February

Okay, you got me there, if I’d written my post on Fur-iday as scheduled, there would have been only two stops. Or, if I’d written my post the next day, Saturday, like I said I would, there still would have been two stops. But, here it is Monday and we’re on stop number three since our last post.

Wickenburg. Wow. That pretty much sums it up from my perspective. Logan told you all about our Majestic Trail hike, the one where we all thought he was going to expire? Well, that was only a sample of our time at Vulture Peak.

Logan told you about the horse camp, but he didn’t tell you about the herd of mules that lined up right outside our trailer window to have their photo taken before heading off down the road. I’d never seen a mule before!

He didn’t tell you that our RVing friends Sue & Leon joined our camp at the 9-day mark and we spent many evenings hanging out around the fire together. We were so lucky to spend nearly three weeks with them this trip. We even helped them celebrate their 55th anniversary!


Hanging out in camp with Sue & Leon.

He didn’t tell you that we were included in two trips to Wickenburg. The first, for a coffee shop stop and a walk around the downtown, and the second for a wander across the Hassayampa Bridge and east toward the rodeo grounds.


Bridge across the Hassayampa River

And … this is an exciting one … he didn’t tell you how I rode shotgun when we were leaving the Vulture Peak camp. Yup, helped T navigate the side-by-side back to the main road where they loaded it onto the trailer. Now that I’ve been in it a couple of times I’m pretty sure I could handle a longer ride. There must be so many great things to see and smell when they head out on the trails. Toes crossed for next time.


Riding shotgun!

After fifteen days at Vulture Peak, we headed for the big city of Phoenix. We’ve stayed there only once before—on our first trip south when we camped at the race track. Now that the trailer is completely solar powered, we don’t need to plug in anywhere, so this time we stayed at the Desert Diamond Casino where they allow camping in their overflow parking lot. The casino camping is okay, but city stays usually involve quite a lot of waiting in the trailer for T and Nollind to come back, and this one wasn’t any different.


Morning walk at the Desert Diamond

The Phoenix list included a couple of visits with Alberta friends, doing the laundry, bathing us, and provisioning the trailer for our next desert stay. We dogs did get to go along on Friday, since it was bath day, but weren’t included in the other activities. By the way, the car wash had converted one of its bays to a proper dog wash so it wasn’t like we had to go through the spinning brushes or get sprayed with a high-pressure hose. Logan was definitely relieved. He hates car washes.


He almost looks relaxed!

With us bathed and the trailer stocked up with people and dog food, we headed west again yesterday, back toward Quartzsite. But this time we turned off before Q and came up here to Lake Havasu City. I’m excited. We haven’t spent much time here and I’m always game for a fresh adventure. We’re staying at a BLM 14-day area called Craggy Wash, a new one for us, and from our first walk this morning, it looks very promising.


Morning walk at Craggy Wash



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