Eat, Prey, Love

The title pretty much sums up my main drives in life. And, no, I didn’t spell prey incorrectly. You could almost add sleep to the list but it’s not really a drive so much as something I do to fill the gaps between the other things.

If you’ve been reading our blog for any amount of time, you know that I love, love, love to eat, just about anything. T and Nollind often joke that if I stop eating, they’re going to rush me straight to the emergency hospital. Ha ha. But they probably have a point. When we’re on the road, I’m just that much closer to the snacks because we’re in close quarters all the time.


Sharing pork rinds (chicharrones) with Nollind

Now I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t agree with feeding dogs people food. Whoever you are … please stay away from my people. Don’t talk to them. Don’t give them any crazy ideas about not letting me clean up scraps or share their popcorn. Don’t try to assist them in mending their ways. Things are fine just the way they are. I’m fine. They’re fine. Zip it.

We moved from Quartzsite to Wickenburg on Monday. T loves the desert here—the variety of cactus, the mountains, the bird life. Nollind loves the many back roads and trails to explore in Fang.


The saguaro are huge here!

But what’s the greatest thing about Wickenburg for a dog like me? Other animals—coyotes, rabbits, some kind of squirrel-like critters—all chase-able and therefore prey. They leave their scent for me to find, the coyotes sing in the afternoons and evenings tempting me to join in, and the rabbits regularly race across our path. My heart beats faster just thinking about it.


See the rabbit? Me neither.

With eight years of chasing things under my belt, I’ve mostly given up on rabbits in general, and the rabbits here at Vulture Peak are almost as big as I am. And fast? They are gone before I get to the end of my 16-foot leash. We’ve had a lot of freedom at our last couple of stops, but there’s some concern here about the combination of rabbits and cactus so our off-leash activities have been curbed somewhat, especially mine.


Having yet another thorn pulled from my paw.

My third drive, and this is also a big one, I’m a lover. In juxtaposition to my killer instinct is my cuddle instinct. Whether at home or on the road, there is nothing like cuddling up close to one of my people, and when we’re travelling, it seems like there are more opportunities than at home. They stay in bed a little longer in the mornings, stay in more often in the evenings, and take more naps than they do at home. All great cuddle-ops for me.


Morning lie-in with T.

The plan is to stay around Wickenburg for another ten days or so. The weather has turned fine and the barbecue is out, which makes me hopeful for more meals like last night’s steak. The rabbits, although enormous, may become complacent about my presence and give me a fighting chance. (I know … Sure, Chico, dream on.) As for getting enough love? There’s always a healthy supply of that no matter where we are.

Until next time … chow! (And yes, I spelled that correctly too.)


Resting up for the next meal, chase, or cuddle.




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