Head of Security

Now that we’ve been out in the desert for a time, I’m getting used to the idea of staking my claim as soon as we set up camp. I explore our little patch of desert, mark a few bushes and rocks, and then keep watch. I’m kind of like head of security for the trailer and the campsite.

The big RV show is on in Quartzsite right now so, here at Dome Rock, it’s pretty busy, lots of campers. It’s thinning out now that the show has been on for almost a week but, at its height, there were trailers and motorhomes all around us even though we’d camped toward the back of the camping area.


Driving through Quartzsite—acres of RVs!

And trailers and motorhomes mean vehicles driving by, people walking and, worst of all, other dogs! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like (well, until yesterday, which I’ll tell you about in a minute), but when they’re walking anywhere in the vicinity of my trailer, my people, or my campsite, I can get a little growly. I’m just reminding them to respect the boundaries I’ve set.

So, back to yesterday. As you know, I’m thirteen now, so I’ve met a lot of other dogs in my time and played with pretty much every one that was willing. Even in what’s considered my old age, I still like to play. Anyway, we were headed toward the mountains for an afternoon walk, and out comes this shepherd/collie looking dog from behind a motorhome. He trotted over, took one sniff at me and jumped on my back. What the…? I turned around and growled at him, and he tried it again. So I got even more serious. That was about the time that Teresa and Nollind pulled me away and tried to chase him off. I was ready to teach him a thing or two about manners!


The rest of our walk was enjoyable (and collie-free)

So now I’m keeping my usual watch on the neighbourhood, but paying special attention to the campsite behind us and that collie. He’s had the nerve to wander over this way a few times but I’m pretty sure my barking and growling has kept him at an acceptable distance. Not sure why Teresa and Nollind keep shushing me. What? Am I supposed to just let my nemesis wander into my domain? They just don’t understand how these things work.


Keeping an eye out for … that collie



Surveillance shot of neighbouring camp and that collie

We walked up the road past their camp again today and, when I spotted him coming over toward us, I just looked straight ahead and kept on walking, like I didn’t see him. No way I was going to give him the satisfaction of thinking that I noticed him or cared.

And just so you don’t think I’m getting cranky and unfriendly in my senior years, we visited with friends Sue and Leon and Dick on Wednesday, and their friends Kitty and Jim were there with dog Shasta. As is the case with the rest of the members of the canine world, we got on famously, explored the camping area together, marked the boundaries for Sue and Leon. And when the whole group moved inside as the day cooled, I was happy to let her hang with my people while I took a nap in the bedroom at the back of the motorhome. So you see, I get along just fine with others. It’s that collie that has the issue.


Hanging at Sue & Leon’s. That’s Shasta on Kitty’s lap.

Well, best get back to my post. No telling when that collie will come wandering over this way.

7 thoughts on “Head of Security

  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from, Logan. Rebecca’s First Law of the Universe is “Pay Attention”. And you’re doing just that. Our sweet pup, Ms. Magoo, thinks along the same lines as you when it comes to guarding her pack and possessions. Sometimes she works a bit too hard at it and we have to help her remember that Irene and I are the ones in charge. Trust your humans, Logan. Your pack’s got your back…not the collie. 🙂

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  2. Well Loges there will always be a troublemaker somewhere in our midst. Way to go on keeping your cool but maintaining control. Love the private eye bino shot. But is that a Budweiser Nollind is drinking? I just don’t know him anymore 😜

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  3. Wise words, Susan, and thanks for the kudos. I do try to stay on an even keel, even in the face of a difficult collie. That is a Budweiser. It’s not Nollind’s usual drink but, when in Rome (or Quartzsite)…


  4. I wish you could teach my friends Oreo and Aurora to be friends with other dogs. A human trainer says they are afraid of other dogs although over the years they have accepted a couple dogs into their circle. Bones will be traveling with us this summer.


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