From Turtle to Hare

We typically travel at a pretty relaxed pace in the winter, rather turtle-like. We’ll stay in one camp for a week, or two, or sometimes even longer. From there we’ll venture out to explore the immediate area and beyond but we always return home to the same camp. So, I’m not sure what got into them but, since our relaxing ten days with friends Sue and Leon at the Ogilby Road BLM, we haven’t stopped moving!

There’d been some debate about where to go after Ogilby and it was sounding like a trip to the dog beach in San Diego was in the plans … but then there were beach warnings due to high tides and surf. Plan B was an old favourite, Borrego Springs, but since T and Nollind now have Fang the UTV and like to go exploring and they can’t drive Fang in the Anza-Borrego State Park, they decided to spend ten days at a place near Borrego called Ocotillo Wells. There are miles and miles of trails at Ocotillo Wells and acres of open camping but a few things happened to interfere with Plan B. First, the truck started behaving badly and had to be taken to the nearest city, Palm Springs, which meant a couple of days of city commuting to drop off and pick up. They did, however, get in a ride through the Ocotillo Wells badlands on one of those afternoons so it wasn’t a complete bust.


The “Pumpkin Patch” in Ocotillo Wells park.

Then it poured on Friday so we were mostly trailer bound, only venturing out into the muck late in the day. When a lot of wheeled vehicles have been over an area again and again, even the desert gets gooey. If we’d had doggie galoshes it wouldn’t have been so bad, but even I noticed the amount of sand and mud coming into the trailer. And then came the clincher. When the weekend arrived, so did the weekend warriors, and things got very loud, very late. T had to sleep with earplugs and that never makes her a happy camper. And Logan doesn’t much like the sound of dirt bikes so he didn’t sleep much either.

Saturday morning we were up early and off to nearby Borrego Springs for breakfast at T and Nollind’s favourite little Mexican spot (the machaca was delicious!), a visit to their favourite store, Borrego Outfitters, a short walk around Christmas Circle Park and, lastly, a visit to the grapefruit/orange stand in one of the orchards. When we returned to camp, Logan and I didn’t even get out of the truck. They had things packed up in less than half an hour and we were on the road.


Los Jilberto’s for breakfast


A walk on the green, green grass of Christmas Circle Park.

There’d been talk again of heading out to San Diego to the beach but they decided on Fountain of Youth Spa and RV for a few days of pool time instead, another old favourite. I didn’t mind. The beach is great but I don’t like the waves much so I’m just as happy to spend time in the desert, especially when there are a ton of dog lovers around to marvel at my flashy colours and soft coat. I’m always a popular dude in campgrounds and right after a bath, I’m pretty much irresistible.


Bathed and ready to charm the campers

The plan was for five nights at Fountain of Youth but, with heavy rain and flash flood warnings in the weather forecast for parts of California on Thursday, it was time to move on ahead of schedule.

Up until now on this trip, every time T and Nollind make a plan we end up doing something different so I’m not sure why they bother. The motto for us canines: don’t plan, just do. The fact that we have very little say about what happens in our lives likely has something to do with it, but we also don’t like to waste energy on pointless endeavours. Time spent planning could be better spent napping, or walking, or playing, or eating.


What I look like when T & Nollind are busy making plans.

We’re back in Quartzsite now, staying at the Dome Rock BLM. Last night the campfire came out and they opened a bottle of port. I think it’s safe for me to settle in for a long stay. Goodbye Mister Hare, we are back in turtle mode!


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