Friends, Fires and a Little Bit of Fretting

Wow. It has been a great week.

Before we left the Cibola Wildlife Refuge, I had my first ride in Fang (that’s the Yamaha side-by-side) and achieved a whole new level in my attempts at sunset appreciation (see banner). In case you’re wondering, I aced the side-by-side ride. As soon as the bumps and turns started, I parked my butt in the corner of Fang’s little box, dug my claws into the rubber mat they put in for me, and rode like a pro. Okay, it wasn’t fast or far, but still. I think I passed the first test and will get a second ride.

My first ride in Fang

Last Saturday, we packed up and headed further south. It was a beautiful, sunshiney day, and the road time was short, less than two hours. We reached our camp spot at the Ogilby Road BLM area near the base of the Cargo Muchacho Mountains in the early afternoon. It looked great but something was strange. T and Nollind usually park a good distance from any of the other campers but this time they rolled right up beside a motorhome that was already all set up. Um, guys … you see that rig over there, right?c

Turns out it was Sue and Leon, California friends from our first trip to the desert! Back then, they accidentally camped right beside us, but this time it had been all planned out. I waited as patiently as I could while the humans were hugging and saying hello but, when the truck door opened, I shot out and raced over to greet them. We dogs aren’t great at curbing our enthusiasm after not seeing people for a couple of hours, never mind a couple of years.


So, not only do we have an off-leash campsite, tons of great walking, and T & Nollind around a bunch this week, but there are two additional pairs of hands for pets, an extra fridge for mooching from, and another rig to hang out beside or under (I’ve even been inside a couple of times). Sue & Leon love dogs but don’t have any of their own so we get all of the dog-directed attention. It’s working out very well indeed.

Can I come in?

The humans have been off doing things a couple of days but there’s been plenty of time here. Wednesday we all spent the whole day just hanging out in camp. Sue and T were making crafty things out of driftwood and beads, Nollind and Leon went off to the mountains in Fang, and Logan and I did what we do best, soaked up the desert sun. And that night the six of us told stories around the fire until bedtime. Okay, I mostly slept in my chair. But I was listening!

Yesterday was not so good because, I confess, I was fretting. T and Nollind headed off to Los Algodones, Mexico and I heard a comment as they were leaving that Leon would feed us if they weren’t back by morning. What?! Morning?! What about dinner and an evening walk and … and … why wouldn’t they come back? Of course, Logan was right (again) and there was nothing to worry about. Must say, though, he was barking and yipping right along with me when they drove in shortly before sunset. I think he was more concerned than he let on.

I’m not sure how long we’re staying here. Hopefully at least a few more days. Nobody seems in a hurry to break camp, least of all me.

Fireside in my chair


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