Wounded in Action

Injured on day one of the tour this year. Not a particularly strong start. And not like I was doing something filled with danger or daring. Nope. Just trotting down the steps of the trailer on a cold morning, caught a toenail and tore it nearly off. Did you know that there’s a very sensitive bit of tissue underneath the shell of a dog’s claw? I found out the hard way. They sometimes feel a little tender after a trip to the groomer, but nothing like this. Probably a bit similar to a human having a fingernail torn off. Isn’t that a form of torture?


That bright pink one is the one without protection

So anyway, with my nail covering sticking up in the air and blood dripping all over, T and Nollind carted me off to the Marias Veterinary Clinic in Shelby, Montana. The vet looked like he had a lot of years of experience, he and his assistant were both wearing Wranglers, the smell of cows was in the air, and I knew I was in good hands. The only problem was, every time he even lightly touched my toe I just couldn’t help but pull it away. So he stuck a needle in it, which also hurt like the dickens, but not for very long. Then I couldn’t feel much of anything in that toe. While T held me and Nollind talked to me, the vet removed the whole nail without me even knowing, disinfected and cauterized it, and I was on my way.


My bandaged foot

The bandage stayed on for the rest of the day, and I wore one of Logan’s boots when we were outside the truck. After that, it felt pretty good, at least until yesterday when I stepped on it funny and opened it up again. More blood. The vet said I’d have a thin nail covering after about a week. Well, I guess I tore that one and now have to grow another. It’ll be a month before it’s full strength and I heard talk of getting me a boot to wear on that foot especially here in rocky Quartzsite. I guess I could put up with one boot. Put four on me and I can’t move.

It took us three days of travel to get to the southern part of Utah where we stayed in a cute little RV park in a cute little town called Kanarraville. Normally we don’t stay in RV parks much but the solar system in the trailer was acting up so we needed to plug in every night to make sure we’d have heat until morning.


On the road …

Sunday morning heading out of Kanarraville and dropping down into Hurricane, it felt like we’d arrived. The desert! T took us for a walk around the town while Nollind washed the many miles of road grit off the rig, and then we were on our way to Las Vegas.


The rig gets a bath in Hurricane

We’ve been to Vegas three times before and always stayed at the Las Vegas RV Resort but this trip they were full, probably because of the big rodeo in town, so we camped over at Arizona Charlie’s. Truth be told, I liked it better. Their dog rules are a little less strict and there’s a wide, grassy boulevard for the morning walk and sniff between the park and the street. And T, a connoisseur of pools and hot tubs, liked the pool area better. I think we’ll be going back.


Morning walk along Arizona Charlie’s Boulevard

The RV park wasn’t the only change from the norm. We usually visit the big Dog Fanciers park every morning we’re in Vegas, but last trip we picked up some kind of gut bug in that park so T and Nollind opted to take us elsewhere. Too bad, it’s a fun place, but the gut bug wasn’t. Since I couldn’t do a lot of running around anyway, with my toenail still so fresh, they found shorter walks to take us on, one in a nice, new park in Henderson and the other at the Clark County Wetlands Park. Worked for me. I’m pretty happy no matter where they take me walking. There are interesting things to see and smell (and often eat) everywhere we go.


Heritage Park trails in Henderson, NV


Fireside at Dome Rock

Yesterday morning we left Las Vegas and drove here to Quartzsite to get the solar system checked at Solar Bill where it was installed a few years ago. Turns out it was one of those mysterious electronic malfunctions and everything is fine. The plus side … it brought us here to Quartzsite where we’re camped at Dome Rock. It’s warm, there’s off-leash time in camp, T & Nollind are around a lot more, and my chair is sitting out in front of the rig. Sounds like good times to me.


4 thoughts on “Wounded in Action

  1. Zulu (and the rest of us) hope you heal quick, Chico. He says he can’t wait to meet you when you return, and is enjoying hearing about your adventure.


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