Fur-iday Night on the Road

We’re on the road just into Idaho and it’s been dark for hours It’s odd for us to travel at night. “Park before dark” is normally Teresa and Nollind’s motto. But then it’s been an odd journey in many ways. Multiple delays at home, curling rink roads in northern Montana, a morning visit to a country vet in Shelby and, you won’t believe this, but me, Logan, sleeping in the vehicle.

We left yesterday around two in the afternoon. Not quite the start time they were gunning for but, after delaying a full month and with house sitters scheduled to move in, we were on the road south.

The roads were good all through Southern Alberta and the border crossing was the easiest ever. They didn’t even ask for my or Chico’s rabies certificates. We could have been frothing beasts in the back seat in the dark!

We hit the snow not long after the border, just an inch or so. I’m always waiting for disaster to befall us when on the road so when the back end of the truck slid sideways and Teresa said,  “oh shit” with that “we’re all going to die”  tone I knew it wasn’t good. Nollind recovered that time and then again but Great Falls was abandoned as a destination and we pulled in to a park at the next town, Shelby. Whew… What a relief.

After that experience, I was not a keen traveller today and shook, panted and whined all the way from Shelby to Great Falls. It was there I remembered the pharmaceuticals my friend Dixie slipped me on one of her visits this past summer. She said they helped her through thunder storms. Well, thank you Dame Dixie. Today was the first time I have been able to nap in a moving vehicle in 10 years. I needed a little boost getting back in the truck after a walk, but you know, I didn’t really mind. Feelin’ pretty relaxed.

It’s been almost four hours so the effects are wearing off, which is why I’ve been able to stay awake long enough to write this post. That said, feeling about ready for another sleep. I’ll let Chico tell you about his adventure with Montana’s own James Herriot.

2 thoughts on “Fur-iday Night on the Road

    • Thanks Dixie. Things got a little foggy last night but Teresa says the roads and the weather are clear this morning and we’re bound for Southern Nevada by end of day. Should be the end of ice and snow for a few months!


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