Almost Travel Time!

We’re leaving next week, headed south for the winter, and I’m so excited. This will be our fourth winter away in an RV. The first time was five years ago when we left on Halloween and didn’t return until the end of March.


Ready to set out on our first journey south.

The second trip was two years later when we left in early January and travelled until early May. The third was just two and half months, from mid-January to end of March, because of some problems at the farm with the horses. Last winter, T and Nollind decided we’d stay home so that T could finish and release her novel in February. It was a very mild winter here on the prairie, but it wasn’t warm sunset walks and lounging in the shade of the fifth wheel. I missed the desert.


Sunset in the desert.


See what I mean?

I guess I’m officially a snowbird. Or would that be a snow dog? No, that can’t be right. A snow dog is something quite different. Why is a snowbird fleeing the snow and a snow dog pulling a sled through it? The mysteries of life are boundless.

Anyway, with less than a week to go, I’ve started packing. There are so many things to take and not a lot of time between naps, walks, and farm chores. Logan hasn’t even thought about it yet, says there’s plenty of time and not much to bring. Wha?!

My list looks like this:

  1. Bowl – If I don’t have the bowl I might not get fed and, although my special bowl slows down the eating process, it apparently keeps me from choking, which seems like a good thing.11-packing-bowl
  2. Food – This includes canned, dehydrated, kibble, and, best of all, treats.
  3. Favourite bed – This was a gift from my friends Gord, Spring and Dixie, and I won’t be going anywhere without it.11-packing-fave-bed
  4. Nylabone – I love to chew on this when there’s nothing else to sink my teeth into. I’d prefer a real bone but I don’t think they’ll let me bring any of the ones I have buried in the yard.
  5. Camp Chair (my own) – I can’t imagine camping without it. Lie on the ground like a dog? No thanks.11-packing-chair3
  6. Furminator – I love being brushed, could do it all day.
  7. Leash – I prefer going without but wearing a leash usually involves going somewhere fun (like up Q Mountain in Quartzsite) so I’m good with it.11-packing-qhill
  8. Salmon Oil – Tastes pretty good and is supposedly keeping my joints moving well.
  9. Water Bottle – Logan and I have our own bottle and bowl for the truck and for walks.11-packing-water
  10. Lots of Towels – I’m not crazy about getting a bath, but I LOVE being towelled dry.11-packing-towelling
  11. One-horned reindeer – It’s not a mutant. It originally had two. It’s a mystery what happened to the second one.11-packing-toys

Logan still hasn’t made a list. He figures T and Nollind will take care of everything and he’s sure there’ll be plenty to eat. He says if the dog food gets left behind, no big deal, he’d rather eat what they eat anyway. They’re not that great at sharing (portions not distributed evenly) so I’d prefer to have my own, thanks.

With a bit of prodding, I’ve managed to get these four items out of him for his list:

  1. Boots – Can’t walk very far in the desert without them unless he wants tender feet.11-packing-boots3
  2. Harness – The key to adventure (and itchiness I say).
  3. Outdoor Bed – Logan’s favourite place to sleep is under the trailer (I’m more of a sun lover).11-packing-under-trailer
  4. Grunting Hedgehog – Favourite toy (as much as he hates to admit he has one).11-packing-hedgehog

Our conversation went something like this: “Four items?! That’s it! You must have at least five things you want to bring.”

So he said, “Fine then. Five – the couch.” Which, just saying, doesn’t really count because it’s always in the trailer and comes along whether it’s on his list or not. But anyway, time to get packing and we’ll talk to you from the road!

8 thoughts on “Almost Travel Time!

  1. Hello Chico and Logan!

    So nice to hear you’re heading south for the winter. Tell your parents that, if the schedule permits, you all are welcome to stop at our house in Sonoma California. You both would like it – lots of vineyards with jack rabbits, place to sniff, plus we have yummy treats as our Ms. Magoo is a bit of gourmand when it comes to food and snacks. She has a bowl just like Chico’s but it’s blue. We call it her “go slow” bowl. We also spend time in the desert; we go to a place called Palm Springs. That’s lots of fun with great walks!! Wherever you all go, have a safe journey and lots of fun. Make sure to write about your adventures. We enjoy reading your stories very much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack rabbits AND treats? Sounds like my kind of place! I never know exactly where we’re going (neither do T and Nollind) but I will get in touch if we’re going to be in your neck of the woods. Thanks for the invite and for reading our blog!


    • I’m with you Linda. The hard ground is no place for a dog. How can one enjoy the Arizona sun with a rock under their ribcage? I’ll be checking the storage for my camp chair before we pull out of the farm.


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