Foto Fur-iday – Winter Fun

There’s a chill in the air and the first of the white stuff has hit the ground (although it’s all gone again now). With the weather forecast looking quite friendly for the next nine days, it looks like we’re going to give the snow a miss this year, so we thought we’d share a few of our favourite winter adventures from last year.


There wasn’t a lot of snow last year which made for easy winter walks


After a frosty winter run.


Keeping my feet warm on a particularly chilly winter day.


Lots of pretty days like this one last winter


The ski season was short but Teresa got out as much as she could



I love the snow. Maybe we can convince T and Nollind to spend some mountain time in northern Arizona




4 thoughts on “Foto Fur-iday – Winter Fun

  1. As always, great photos!
    I love the snow and snow pictures! I’d love to give my three pups a taste of the white stuff, haha! Maybe it will snow over here in England this Christmas?!
    Actually, apparently it snowed this morning in a few areas, but not by mine…I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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