Return of the Dame

Some of you might remember Dixie from the last time she visited us in March. Well, a week ago she came to stay with us again, this time for five days. She was supposed to be here for a few weeks in the late spring but, when her health seemed to be failing, a European vacation became a road trip to Canada’s west coast so she could go along. Miraculously, she’s been mostly fine since what seemed a brush with the end of life. She is one sly dame. I’ll have to remember that trick if my people ever start planning a long trip that doesn’t include me.


Sunset walk with the farm in the background

It’s been seven months since Dixie was here in spring, that’s about four years in the life of a human, and she seems just as spry and energetic as she did then. In fact, she might have been bouncier this time. I don’t recall the rambunctious morning play sessions from her spring visit. And out on our walks, she still sets the pace, not slowing down until the last stretch toward home. And don’t think she slows down because she’s getting tired, I’m certain it’s just a reluctance to end the walk so soon.10-dixie-close

When she does finally get tired, she doesn’t choose the cushiest bed in the house, nope, she prefers the floor, or the ground. Me, I’m all for comfort, but maybe she’s onto something. Maybe there’s benefit in a cool, hard surface to sleep on. Maybe I’ll try it. 10-dixie-hallway


Or maybe not …10-dixie-chicoinbed

I’m seven now, eight in a few months, and already approaching what’s considered the senior stage of a dog’s life. That was quick, and I sure don’t feel like a senior. When she was here, I asked Dixie about her secret to a long, healthy life. You know what she said? Enjoy each day, always express the love you feel, and walk, walk, walk. She is one smart dame.10-dixie-canal2

9 thoughts on “Return of the Dame

  1. well, I think Aristotle might be a bit tough going as a start. I haven’t tackled that one yet, and I’ve got a few years on you! Maybe stick with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and a little Pooh. Maybe some Garfield now and then!

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