Please, Take Me Along!

She’s going  away again. Without us. I just know it. She’s packing that little box with the wheels this morning and almost every time she does that she goes away and leaves us behind. It’s T I’m talking about in case you were wondering. On the plus side, Nollind doesn’t seem to be packing his wheelie box so I think he’s staying here. I wonder if he feels sad like I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I like people and Nollind’s right up there at the top of the list, but he’s just not T. I’m never far from her side when she’s home and I ache to go along whenever she’s leaving the house. As soon as I sense she’s headed out the door, I’m there in the porch asking to go. I try to make my face imitate Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies. And sometimes it works! And sometimes I just lie in the porch by the door until she comes back.


Puss in Boots from Shrek


One of the days when my “Puss in Boots face” worked.

One time, after T had been gone for awhile, Logan and I went along with Nollind to pick her up in Calgary at the airport. I wonder if that’s where she’s headed this time? I wish I could make the words to ask. And I wish even more that I could go with her. I’m completely fine in a vehicle so I think I’d do great on a plane. I hear flying is actually safer than driving. And I don’t take up much space once I curl up in a ball, I’m happy sitting on a lap if need be (although I don’t get invited to do that very often), and I’m quite content on the floor. Just take me along!


Riding shotgun … my favourite.

I’ve been with T and Nollind for almost six years now and they’ve taken me a lot of places, so I really can’t complain. Lately, now that the weather’s cooler, they’ve been including me in errand runs to town and, although you might think that sounds boring, I love it. There’s something about riding along with my people that feeds my soul. I prefer to be up in the front seat but I’m okay in the back (which is good since that’s where I normally travel). Sometimes I have the opportunity to get out and do a little exploring but, even when I don’t, I enjoy the ride.


Stretching out in the back is good too.

There she goes, zipping up the wheelie box and dragging it behind her to the door. I didn’t see any of my things go in there. Sigh … looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in the porch this next while.

2 thoughts on “Please, Take Me Along!

  1. Hi Chico! Sorry you can’t go along with T but sometimes humans have to go places and do things that just aren’t a good fit for our furry family members. But I’m sure you’ll be in her heart and on her mind whilst she’s gone, so hang in there buddy. She’ll be home soon! And keep making your Puss in Boots face!

    Your California Friend,


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