Foto Fur-iday – It’s Fall!

It’s the time of year when the days get shorter and cooler which suits us just fine. We like to be cool and we like to sleep — what’s not to love about fall? And T loves this time of year which means the walks are frequent and filled with photo taking. Here are a few from our recent walks.


Just after turning the horses out in the morning (see the full moon?).


The mornings can be chilly this time of year (there’s that moon again!).


The Bow River at Cochrane where we took an afternoon stroll on Teresa & Nollind’s anniversary.


Walking along the canal in Strathmore.


Home sweet home in the background. And yes, I am trying to fly.


The aspens in our back 40 (it’s actually only 20).


It’s raining leaves!

Happy autumn, all. Even if you don’t have a dog to walk, get out and enjoy!

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