My Happy Place

It’s been three weeks already since we set out for the Okanagan with Sid in tow. I often hear humans talking about how quickly time goes by. You should try it from a dog’s point of view, where one human year equals about seven of ours. Seems like I was just a puppy last week!

So anyway, off we went to BC to visit with T’s family and go to her nephew’s wedding. T’s brother, Mark, joined us for the journey, which meant that T rode with us dogs in the back seat. I loved it—she makes a great head rest—but it made Logan even more restless than usual. I love the guy, and he’s a great companion most of the time, but I wish he could just figure out how to sit still in the truck. As easy going as I am, being stepped on, sat on, leaned into, and drooled on for hours does start to get on my nerves.


Enjoying my new travel pillow

This was my sixth trip through the Canadian Rockies and it never gets old. Admittedly, I miss a lot of the scenery. Okay, most of it. But, when I do look out the window I am always impressed with what I see. Such majesty! (Is that a descriptor that a human might use? Seems right.) We got out for a short jaunt and bathroom break at a rest area near Castle Mountain and the air in the mountains seemed just a little crisper than it did back on the prairie.


Smelling the mountain flowers at Banff Park rest area

On the other side of the mountains, the temperature started to rise and by Revelstoke it was hot. I love the sun and heat but it was a bit warm even for me. By the time we reached Lumby and our first-night camp spot, it was starting to cool off, but the next day things were headed for 30 degrees again, and it only got hotter as we headed further south to Oyama where we set up camp in Gatzke Orchards, the location for the wedding.

Saturday morning we were up early and down to the lake for a swim. Wow. Lake swimming is awesome … when it’s calm. Sunday morning was windy and the lake was coming up the beach at us. The canal here at home moves but with a nice steady pace. I didn’t like the waves much and, when Logan tried to get a drink, he got a faceful of water. That was it for him. He didn’t go back.


Peaceful Saturday morning dip in Wood Lake

I was hoping to get a role in the wedding, maybe flower dog or ring bearer, but it seems those roles got taken by the groom’s nieces and nephew. Although I’m human on the inside, my outer dogness does throw people off, and I’m regularly passed over when it comes to human activities. It’s okay. I’m used to it. I’m not bitter.


Gatzke Orchards entrance

The day of the wedding was hot, hot, hot, close to 35°. I haven’t been in heat like that since Lake Mead back in March last year, and at Lake Mead the water was a lot closer to where we were parked for more regular swims. After the ceremony, T and Nollind took us for a little walk in the shade of the orchard, and we came across the bridal party taking photographs. The bride and her ladies were busy with the photographer (and we didn’t want to get her white dress all covered in red and black fur) so we got our photo taken with the groom, T’s nephew Michael. Good looking guy, eh? We didn’t get to go to the dinner and reception, humans only, but we hear it was in a vine-covered outdoor dining area with a big, grassy dance floor next to it. I would have liked to have seen that. Sigh … I wish I were a real boy.


Photo op with the groom

We dogs don’t get married, even when we’re not fixed like Logan and me. Fixed. What an odd way to put it. It’s not like we were broken. In fact, as far as nature goes, we’re more broken now than we were before. But anyway, I was talking about marriage. T and Nollind have been married almost 19 years, a dozen years longer than I’ve been alive! I would have liked to go to their wedding. I bet they would have let me be the ring bearer. Maybe I can convince them to get married again. For now, I’ll have to be content with anniversary celebrations. We dogs are often included in the anniversaries because they like to celebrate by going camping or horseback riding or some other outdoor activity, I think because they got married outdoors.


T and Nollind in Kananaskis on their wedding day

But, back to the trip. On Sunday, after a windy visit to the lake and a hike along the old railway tracks, we packed up and headed to Lumby to spend more time with T’s Aunt Frieda. We met her last spring when she was living in Coldstream. T took us for a wander along the creek after we were set up and, by the time we got back to the campground, there was a gathering of her family taking place! And this time, guess who got to go? You got it. Yours truly! I did have to go back to the trailer during the mealtime, T said because of the little kids with food held close to my level. What? Me? Steal food from children? Okay, I probably would have.


Hangin’ with the family – That’s T on the left, her sister Susan, then Aunt Frieda, and then T’s mom, Nora

One more day of relaxing in Sid while T, Nollind and Mark visited with Frieda, and we were eastbound on the Trans-Canada, headed home.  I love the road and could have just kept on travelling, but I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of months for that.


Travelling – my happy place


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